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What do you look for in an Affiliate Manager?

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by HCFGrizzly, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. HCFGrizzly

    HCFGrizzly Affiliate affiliate

    As the name of the thread suggest, I`m interested on what qualities people are looking for in an Affiliate Manager.
    What do you dislike about your current Affiliate Manager? What you would to change?
    And one more thing: Do you prefer to be contacted by email or by phone?

    Looking forward to your answers.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. HelenVendo

    HelenVendo Affiliate affiliate

    I'm working under 2 affiliate programs. One of them has general support for affiliates and the second one provides you with personal affiliate manager. This manager always helps me with all my question really quickly and which is more he monitors my results and write me some advices and concerns.
    So of course affiliates like to be treated in this way when they feel they're really a part of the company.
    And I prefer to be contacted by email. Although sometimes we appoint phone conversations, but I would not like to receive calls without an appoitment.
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  4. Primeone

    Primeone Guest

    I like: good English skills, a little small talk in the begging, promptitude, and a skype id :). That's plenty
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  5. IndeXer

    IndeXer Affiliate affiliate

    The thing which is torturing me and making me to leave maxbounty is the response time of my AM. She is never online, I always get replies after hours. She is pretty nice to talk to but when I need her, she is never online. This is the thing I don't want to see in any AM.

    It will make a big difference if we get the response on time. So, for me, its the response time.

  6. Anddrew

    Anddrew Affiliate affiliate

    I prefer to keep in touch then e-mail , Skype, social networks , and only then through the phone.
  7. Thomas Perry

    Thomas Perry Guest

    I vote for Skype, both messages and calls, it seems to me one of the most convenient means of communication.
    As for AM is concerned I prefer personal assistance, good language, quick replies. I must feel that AM is a real professional in his job, cause sometimes it seems that you are talking to a robot who learnt only several phrases and can't give you any piece of advice
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  8. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As an affiliate manager I like to offer all my affiliates around the clock support and time. I work remote in the UK so my general working day helps me cover all timezones. I also have my skype and emails on my phone so I'm always available... Unless I'm asleep but even then I wont keep you waiting long. I prefer to contact or be contacted by skype, email, whatsapp and facebook.

    As an AM I like to represent MonsterAds and myself professionally by giving advice on all aspects of affiliate marketing. This can either be from general advice on our top converting offers, providing stats, providing targeting information, helping with advice on optimizing campaigns i.e. landers and creatives. As well as giving an insight into what traffic sources are working well.

    I also like to get to know people on a personal level. guys that have been with us for months.. even years I can class as my friend as we generally speak every day. No one wants to talk business 24/7 :)
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  9. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

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  10. AN.MDT

    AN.MDT Affiliate affiliate

    The response time of not more than 2-3 hours
    Could available to explain any problem
    Contact via email, skype
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  11. BobanV

    BobanV Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As AM myself and experience I got so do far, fast response is what Affiliates want the most.

    In generally, we all need to be polite and honest, but what makes difference is if you are there when Affiliate needs you.
    Cause of that reason I am trying to be as much as possible there for our Affiliates, even some quick skyping on weekends is included.
    Why not, it doesn't bother me.

    Thank you guys for mentioning everything above and thanks for the OP idea, cause we all need feedback to get better, to build and maintain good relationship with Affiliates.
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  12. teardroptony9

    teardroptony9 Affiliate affiliate

    An affiliate manager should be very supportive to their clients and should work hand in hand to ensure their client's success.:D

    As of now, I'm very happy with my affiliate manager since they provide the tools and workarounds I need in order to make money with my app.

    As for the last question, I prefer being contacted through email as I'm accessing the internet for most of the time whether I'm using the PC or my mobile phone...;)
  13. KelvinSm

    KelvinSm Affiliate affiliate

    Trust and honesty. A willingness to answer any of your questions without making you feel like you're bothering them. And a positive attitude.
  14. Alz

    Alz Affiliate affiliate

    As an offer owners we deal with many networks on daily basis and usually, the best Affiliate networks, which deliver quality traffic, have very responsive, very friendly and wise AMs on other side.
  15. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Hey, noticed that you was in Maxbounty and left.
    Sometimes I have the same feeling.
    They are not there enough, and when I need to get approved for some creatives that can take so much time.

    If I may ask you, to which network you moved?
  16. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Like all of you.
    I want my affiliate manager to be professional, that the response time wont be a full day, that can drive me crazy.
    I want him to be nice, and at least play like he want to help me and that he is happy about it.

    Honestly, I am a member in few Affiliate Networks.
    In most of them the affiliate manager is not the ideal one, not even close.
    The attend to send cool emails, and updates every fucking day. But when I need their help or approval for my creatives It's takes them too long.

    1) I can say a good word about @Mobidea support on Skype, they are fast, know to give the fast answer and the right once and very kind.

    2) Another one that are ok, quick and nice is @Adcombo, sometimes it's feel like they too general in the answers, but I guess that because they are a network.

    But The Best Of All!
    Is a private affiliate program, I am working with a company that have the best Affiliate Team- from the Affiliate Manager and the Marketing Manager.
    Answering on time, from time to time he asks me if everything is good and ok, designs me special creatives if needed and to be honest just being awesome.
    I working with him for about 4 months and it's great, feel like we are friend.
    It's @Eric hunter from ItsCanadaTime.

    So that is what I am looking in my affiliate manager, and my conclusion is that the best affiliate managers is in the In-House Programs and not in the networks.

  17. Maple Fly

    Maple Fly Affiliate affiliate

    Email marketing is also best option in affiliate marketing.
  18. dmi3

    dmi3 Affiliate affiliate

    I prefer quick replies first of all and it does not matter via Skype or email. And of course an affiliate manager must understand the basics of the affiliate marketing and not to be a nub
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  19. towhidzaman

    towhidzaman Moderator moderator affiliate

    To be honest.. he/she needs to understand what am I talking. Unless they find affiliate marketing as interesting as me, he won't get me/my needs.
  20. LosPollos

    LosPollos Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Cool cartoon avatar. :D
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  21. Ben Adc

    Ben Adc Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I'm an AM at Ad-center and I'll always try to be here for my Affiliate. First of all, it is a partnership, if you are helpful, your affiliate will be successful. This is the main-line.

    This is't a relationship only based on "AMs pay the Affiliates". ;)