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What are the best news data scraping tools?


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Web scraping is an automated method of obtaining large amounts of data from websites. Most of this data is unstructured data in HTML format, which is then converted into structured data in a spreadsheet or database so that it can be used in various applications. there are many ways to perform web scraping to get data from websites.
I scrape and analyze new sentiment all the time with a cron

I'm (trying) to time financial markets
Datestamp |positive news | negative news



The tool is my coding ;)
and the chart is gnumeric (scientific spreadsheet and graphing program [GNU open source])
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Here is the list of the 5 best web data extraction or scraping tools you can use to scrape web data from websites.

1. Newsdataio news API

Newsdataio is a JSON-based news API that scraps news data from 3000+ reliable news websites in 30+ languages and more than 7 categories. Newsdataio offers a news search feature, with that you can simply search for news data through keywords, and with advanced search filters you can filter out the unwanted data, to get useful news data, and you can download the data in CSV and XLSX format.

Key features:
  • Extract news data from over 3000 trusted news sources worldwide with our news API.
  • Track and analyze large volumes of news data related to your organization and uncover valuable insights with our news API.
  • Extract valuable news data in an Excel, CSV, and JSON file along with analytical insights in a PDF report with our news API.
  • Get free access to NewsDataio API to develop and test personal projects with our news API.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is an easy-to-use tool to scrape web data for both coders and non-coders. It has a free plan and a trial for a paid sub.

Key features:
  • Deal with all websites: with infinite scrolling, pagination,
  • login, drop-down menus, AJAX, etc.
  • Access to the extracted data via Excel, CSV, JSON, API, or save to databases.
  • Cloud service: Scrape and access data on Octoparse’s cloud platform.
  • Schedule scraping tasks to run at any specific time of the day, week, or month, or every minute if you need real-time scraping.

3. ScrapingBee

The ScrapingBee API handles headless browsers and rotates proxies. It also has a devoted API for Google search scraping.

Key features:

  • JS Rendering
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • It could be directly used on Google Sheets and with a Chrome web browser.
  • Supports Google search scraping.

4. ScrapingBot

ScrapingBot provides APIs tailored to different scraping needs: an API to retrieve the raw HTML of a page, an API specialized in retail website scraping, and an API to scrape property listings from real estate websites.

Key features:

  • JS rendering (headless Chrome).
  • High-quality proxies.
  • Full-page HTML.
  • Up to 20 concurrent requests.

5. Scrapestack

Scrapestack is a real-time web scraping REST API. It allows you to scrape web pages in milliseconds, handling millions of proxy IPs, browsers, and CAPTCHAs.

Key features:

  • Allows for simultaneous API requests.
  • Supports CAPTCHA solving and JS rendering.
  • HTTPS encryption.
  • 100+ geolocations.
Yeah, I agree. there are dozens of resource which provide good data scraping tools, for example, classical skrapp program once have helped me to bulk large amount of data in lead generation purposes.
gotta admit the fact that the only way to find something useful is to try various options. As a rule most of such tools are paid, so you buy a subscription and you can evaluate the abilities of this tool. Free versions are for nothing, because they don't provide you with the access to all the instruments inside the tool.
Yeah, I agree. there are dozens of resource which provide good data scraping tools, for example, classical skrapp program once have helped me to bulk large amount of data in lead generation purposes.
LeadGen tools has a tool called Lead Spider and you select a recipe called RSS Feeds and just type the category from the news you want. It will give you all you looking for.
I completely understand the importance of having data analysis tools to stay ahead in business. So, here's my take: I absolutely love using Google Data Studio! It's not only user-friendly but also offers powerful visualization options that help me present insights in a compelling way.
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In my experience, some of the best news data scraping tools I've come across are Octoparse and Scrapy. Octoparse is user-friendly, and Scrapy is more customizable if you're into coding. Both have helped me gather relevant news data effortlessly. I've also found a great resource for video scraping at they've got some informative videos on the topic.
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I've found a couple of tools worth mentioning. First up, "Beautiful Soup" - it's like the wizard of web scraping. Simple Python magic to parse HTML and XML documents. And if you're looking for a more user-friendly option, "Octoparse" is pretty cool. Drag-and-drop interface to scrape without code. I also like this site Proficient Data Validation — Data Validation Services | Nannostomus. It's pretty handy. So, check it out!
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