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What are the basic tools that an affiliate marketer must have ?

Karan Shrestha

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Today affiliate marketing reaches a wide range for smart and effective affiliate marketing. Be it an experienced or new affiliate marketer, online tools for SEO, Content creation are an integral part of affiliate marketer. Can you provide some basic tools that is needed by an affiliate marketers?

Dr. Forum

Okay this will depend on what you want to to in terms of the niche to be covered. You will need to have tools for sending bulk emails if at all you ae dealing with the email marketing. On the other hand, you may require to have landing pages when you are planning to use them for data capture. You will need also spy tools so as to get to know how your competitors are behaving and doing.


1. A PC or Laptop
2. Stable internet connection
3. A website or landing page
4. A webmail account for sending emails to your prospects
5. Online tools which can help you analyze stuff that like a tool for analyzing traffic, a tool that can reveal hidden niche choices, a media tool to help you create image and video contents, and etc...:)