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  1. MonRays

    Official ✅Duplicated Clicks Management

    Hello everyone, we are excited to announce a new feature on our platform. The new feature allows users to effectively manage and optimize their push notification campaigns by addressing the issue of duplicate clicks. Duplicated clicks management can skew engagement metrics and lead to...
  2. K

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast Why is email marketing important? I sum that up in one answer. According to research, about 50% of people purchase from a marketing email at least once a month. Actually, let me give you one more answer. People are always looking at their...
  3. Honeybadger

    Top 20 Tools for Affiliate Marketing [2021]

    20 most important tools I'm using for affiliate marketing in 2021 Using the dictionary definition of 'tools' What are yours? Google Search Google Drive Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Calendar Google Trends Bing Webmaster Tools Affiliate Fix :affiliatefix: Ubersuggest Amazon...
  4. T J Tutor

    Announcement What Affiliate Marketing Tools Do You Use The Most?

    The team at AffiliateFix is working to put together future opportunities with the tools you use most frequently! • Tell us briefly which software tools would you prefer to have free, lifetime access to? • What tools do you use the most? Examples: Adspy/competitive research tools, keyword...
  5. transyndicate

    Hi. We turn affiliates into advertisers

    our mission? turn affiliates into advertisers. launch your own offer in less than 30 days. prices start at $2.5k
  6. K

    What are the basic tools that an affiliate marketer must have ?

    Today affiliate marketing reaches a wide range for smart and effective affiliate marketing. Be it an experienced or new affiliate marketer, online tools for SEO, Content creation are an integral part of affiliate marketer. Can you provide some basic tools that is needed by an affiliate marketers?