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What ALL affiliates should know


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If you're looking to get into affiliate marketing I suggest you read this. Even though you can make a massive amount of money affiliate marketing (trust me I know...) there are a few things that you should consider before setting up your first big campaign. One of them is how to get good traffic (customers) to view your site. You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it then you won't make any money.

When looking to up your CTR (click through rate) there are a few guidelines you should follow...

First make sure you realize you're fixing a problem the consumer might have. This way you can grab their interest in your ad, and they know they'll be satisfied after deciding to do business with you. For example if someone is looking to sell a car, they don't want to know how much you can get them a new car for... first help them sell their old car, then they'll be more open to suggestions for deals on a new car...

Next make sure they know they found what they've been looking for, even if your not the cheapest, you may have the best service or vice versa. Make sure your ad stands out above the rest, if you offer the same thing as other ads on the page why should they buy yours? Don't leave out the negatives, just make sure the positives highly outweigh them...

Lastly make sure the people looking at your offer we're actually looking for your product or service. Use keywords that are highly targeted to your customer base, doesn't matter if 1,000 people are looking at your site a day if none of them want anything to do with it...

More tips coming soon...


Affiliates that sell cars? :rolleyes: Not exactly the best example for the newbie affiliates out there. But yes, good advices.

I think most newbies don't make a difference between just placing a banner on a new site and pre-selling something and running affiliate marketing as a real business. I'm looking forward to see the next tips!


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This is resumed to target a niche market where there is low offers and a certain amount of research. This way, competition is lower and you have better chance to reach your audience like fishing in a barel.

As J911R said, doesn't matter if you only few thousands. Some people wrongly broadcast the masses. When you broadcast the masses, most of the time, you end up reaching nobody. As the competion is higher as well. The masses do not care about your offer.

So it's critical to look for a niche market first and then try to find affiliate programs that fit the best to your audience.

A tool you can use is :

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

You will find relevant information in niche markets you would like to find (blogs, competition, advertising, what's hot, etc.)

Good luck!