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Welcome to the Landing Page and PPC Questions Forum

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Linda Buquet

We are getting more and more PPC specific questions as well as landing page questions. So in our ongoing effort to make it easier for people to find the topics that will be helpful, I've broken out this new section of the forum.

I realize that landing pages aren't always for PPC, we don't have enough discussion at this point to have a forum dedicated to landing pages, so this seemed like the best place.

Many discussions will be about affiliate marketing AND PPC, so it may sometimes be difficult to know where to post your thread. If the topic is more about affiliate marketing post in the general affiliate forum. Newbie questions in the newbie forum. But if it's mainly about PPC or landing pages post here. Don't worry too much as we will move or copy if needed to the right forum.

Thanks and happy posting!
Not open for further replies.