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Webpage Layout Strategy

King Conga

I'm trying to make a marketing strategy decision about how to layout the different components of my webpage that contains blogging and selling my original Christian tunes. I just wanted any and everybody's two cents worth on they think they would react to this presentation. Below is how I plan to lay it out. Thanks in advance to any response.

Home Page: Introduce Myself & Mission Statement with links to other pages. And Google ads on right.

Page 2: Music Store for original tunes with statements about what each song is about, as well as how song was produced musically.

Page 3: Blog about different spiritual stuff. One new blog every wk. Incl. links to for any literary and/or musical references. Also use Real Audio and other affiliate ref. For songs by fav. artists.

Page 4: Blog about performance and production techniques, as well as lighting with NO ADS. Link to separate page with ad blasts to zzounds, and other pro-audio affiliates.

Page 5: Have separate sections of page dedicated to Books affiliates, Pro-Audio affiliates, MP3 affiliates, etc. with their logos to make them stand out.

Thanks Again,


Hi KC,
It's difficult to comment on your structure (though a blog can hardly be called a page ;) ) without knowing the goals of the site.

What are your goals with the site?

At first glance, though, it looks pretty solid.

~ Teli

Linda Buquet

Re #4. Affiliate text links to products that fit casually into an article or blog post can convert much better than ad pages. So consider sprinkling them conservatively into your main content.

"When you set up your studio, be sure to find a good quality stereo mirophone. blah blah... whatever..."

Firefly Wings

Yes, you need to have a solid goal for your site.

Ask yourself, what is your target market: people who seek for spiritual improvement via music or people who want to learn how to produce audios? If you want to cater to the needs of these two groups of people, then make sure that you create pages which will discuss each topic thoroughly. You need to establish a clear and heavy boundary between these two topics.

If you're out mainly to sell your musical composition, then go ahead tell it on your homepage. Some links to a shopping cart or check-out button might help.

Once you've thought about your target market, it's best to provide people with FREE and VALUABLE tips and pointers. For example, writing an article "How to use Music to Improve your Spiritual Well-Being" or "Ten things you need to consider before setting up an audio studio".