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web video = death of ghost writers?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by its_me_shaners, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    Lately I have noticed the proponderance of video sales material on websites. Do you think this is a deathnell for ghost writers. I'm wondering now that the manifesto is out and the secret chapter. Basically teaching the biggy's that they cant run a one man show (basic business stuff, but tailored for net preneurship). If these biggys are going to be spending as much time in front of their computers. What Im getting at here is this. FINALLY theyre going to get smart and implement some organization, who is going to be doing their videos. hahhaha Maybe ghost writers will become hand puppets or voice overs like the old bruce lee martial arts videos. HAHAHA wouldnt that be funny !!! seeing a hand puppet. MAN someone aughta try that. Im 100% sure it would take the net by storm !!!
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