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Web function questions?? to my fellow Stars

Adonai Affiliate

Hi all:

1. How do I set up a redirect link to a merchant affiliate site? Say a person is search online for a basketball on google and I had an ad which was running on a public site. Could someone explain how the prospect gets redirected to the merchant site and make the purchase?

2. What exactly is a meta tag and what other functions are necessary to optimize a website during its construction?

I am a freshman at the 5Star University of Webland and some times I forget that its time to go home. The info is so rich. I am just absorbing it and I am edging to start some thing I am passionate about.


Linda Buquet

1) Typically the merchant or affiliate network gives you an affiliate link and/or banner and that links to the merchant site with your tracking cookie so you get credit. Each program/network has different options for linking so you just need to follow what they tell you to do.

For instance CJ may have give you a link that looks like
andozr. com/12345-76543 when someone clicks it,
it auto redirects to the merchant site or even a
specific product page on the merchant site.

2) Meta tags aren't that important any more. Good keywords in the title of the page (which is sometimes called the title tag) is one of most important things to have.

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