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Linda Buquet

Wow, had no idea how many 2.0 solutions were out there. Some very cool apps exist in market segments I'd never even thought of. What makes <strong>All things Web 2.0</strong> so useful is that it uses an Open Directory type structure that organizes community-based information by category so you can research or use only the types applications that interest you, rather than sorting through a huge random list.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">The Affiliate Marketing 2.0 list</a></strong> is pretty lame with only 8 listings and not great ones at that, but other areas online marketers should take a look at include:

<strong><a target="_new" href="">ECOMMERCE 2.0</a></strong> - 124 listings - tons of fresh new ideas and solutions here that should help both affiliates and merchants think outside the box and capitalize on 2.0.
<a target="_new" href="">The Best of Web 2.0 MARKETING</a></strong> - 40 listings for marketing-related Web 2.0 applications, software, opensource, websites, products, and services.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">Ads 2.0</a></strong> - 40 listings including a couple new ones I didn't know about before.

Other non-marketing related apps that may be of interest to my readers are: CLASSIFIEDS 2.0, DESIGN 2.0, ANALYTICS 2.0, PROJECT 2.0 and TASK 2.0. I know I have to be very careful or I could get lost for hours in the <a target="_new" href="">Best of MULTIMEDIA 2.0</a>. Whoa there are some things here I've been searching high and low for!

If the info in this post eats up your entire weekend, don't blame me!
Blame it on <a target="_new" href="">All Things Web 2.0</a>