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Wassup? Let me introduce myself.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Harry Nguyen, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Harry Nguyen

    Harry Nguyen Affiliate affiliate

    My name is Harry Nguyen, 19, from the Bay Area. The reason why I got into the whole internet marketing was because I really HATED where I live. Growing up in Nor Cal, it's one of the top dangerous place in the US, grew up living that street lifestyle however I never dealt with marijuana, guns, violence, gangs, etc it was all impacted by the environment. I'm SICK and TIRED of living here, a lot of poverty here, deaths from killings like every other day. At times, I cry to myself at night knowing if I will make it out for the next day, especially having Asian parents they're really strict and a lot of my friends don't believe in this but whatever I could only live my life and do me.

    I actually started at 17, not really though at that age I was just learning. A few months earlier I turned 18. Dad put in $1K in my savings in hopes of saving it for college but I blew it, ultimately he closed my savings but it's cool once I make money he can't say nothing... spent it on tons of SCAMS... From HYIP, Cash Gifting, Matrixes, Cyclers, Turn $5 to x millions bull-ish, MLM, etc instead of making tons of money quick I was broke quick come to think of it I really thought that the digits on the computer were legit, as anybody could just type numbers but it was all FAKE... Trust to many people way too quick. Especially, I really hate how you buy into programs and they're NEVER there for you!

    I've seen it all, after I lost a lot of money I heard of blackhatforums. Where I started to leech tons of products and start learning. A lot of them are rehashed but I made a list of products from all types of what works and a list of REAL IM'ers from all types of ways to make money, got a lot of methods in ways to get traffic. But anyway, I'm a REAL human being, I'm NOT into HYPE, SCAMS, BULL-ISH, LIES, FLUFF, MAKE BELIEVE, FANTASY DREAMS, and other ish... All I ask of people is to KEEP IT REAL!

    Which lead me to marketing, I think the best way for people to make money is CPA rather than affiliate marketing promoting digital products. The way I see it people blast clickbank products to their list and plus I just don't see why people would want to do niche sites. I would go with tangent (physical) products. Oh, if you guys want to learn about CPA I recommend you to check out
    - By Jarrett Stevenson and Bobby Walker. Watch his inspirational vid,
    However, at this time I'm still not making money :( I'ma get a job this year and make money then do this part time while in college and hopefully do this FULL TIME!

    Harry Nguyen

    P.S If you guys ever need me hit me up PM, Skype, Facebook, Cell phone.
  2. newbidder
  3. only1rodez

    only1rodez Affiliate affiliate

    Hey harry welcome! I spent many years in the bay area and i was born in sacremento. I know exactly what you mean about the environment. Looks like we are in the same boat with the making money online. I've also been scammed and had to pay to post in forums that was no use to me and i receive no support. I'm also new to cpafix and i've only been here for a couple of days but i think you will enjoy the environment. Just make sure to read newbie411 and follow the steps exactly as k says. I'm here for you if you get stuck and vice versa. This is probably the most structured forum i've encountered. Good luck and lets see some success!
  4. Harry Nguyen

    Harry Nguyen Affiliate affiliate

    Yup, been scammed so many times. Did surveys that didn't work out took too long. GPC (Get Paid to Click) didn't turn out as they promised. Pay to post on forums? You meant they pay you to post on forums right? The site postloop? You know honestly I thought to myself that forums wasn't useful just because I thought that the threads are outdated and who would even wanna talk on the forums but I thought wrong. That old timer thinking lol. Respect bro, yeah I read Newbie411 pretty solid. I'm here for you too man, most importantly I will always be here for you guys, I'm just one call away you will NEVER find another REAL marketer like me!

    When I look at the game of IM, I see it as people making money online which is a good thing, everybody needs money it's a neccessity in life but once they make a lot of money it comes easy like it's play money; monopoly. The thing is some marketers and come to think of it I really hate marketers regardless who you are with a passion that these marketers overcharge you like crazy for support, or build you a site for like $1K, especially when they leave you hanging out of nowhere, when you're new to the game see a marketer that you trust, got on their email lists and is wanting to get a reply but didn't know it's a autoresponder, no support whatsoever. Or when the Real marketers teach you how to make money online ironically promote you with fake products. I'm like WTF? It doesn't make sense anymore... Just my spiel on these marketers and products.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Welcome man, nice intro - i can only hope CPAFix enables you to a better life - keep at it :)

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