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Want Super Affiliates? Read this 1st

Linda Buquet

Finding good affiliates is hard! Super affiliates are BUSY and getting any mindshare at all, much less getting them to join your program is not an easy process. They are busy promoting programs that they already know, trust and are making money with. They are bombarded with direct offers and they are exposed to numerous emails and ads every day that say "highest payouts", "exclusive offer", "get rich quick in your underwear without lifting a finger!"

As you know the old 80/20 rule applies to affiliate marketing, <em>but in our industry it's really more like the 95/5 rule</em>, so the key is to attract the 5% that really know how to market. However before you even try to go after the big boys, you better be sure your program measures up and can pass intense scrutiny.

These guys are savvy and won't even give you a 2nd look if your program isn't up to par. They will check to see what you are paying for PPC and your CPA offer better match up. They want to see that you are not just factoring in sales and customer acquisition, but they also want to get a cut of the lifetime value of that new customer they bring you. has a great article today that goes into 7 points serious affiliate programs should take into consideration.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">Calculating the perfect affiliate CPA</a></strong>
1)<strong>Forget CPA, think EPC</strong> ? Good affiliates aren?t blinded by a big flashy CPA; it has to translate into a competitive Earnings Per Click (EPC). If your site doesn?t convert it won?t matter how high the CPA is, you still won?t be competitive.

2)<strong>Align your channels</strong> ? If you see affiliate marketing as an opportunity to get sales at a discount CPA you will never realise its true potential. You should always compare your affiliate CPAs to those you are achieving in display and search activity. <a target="_new" href="">More...</a></blockquote>
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