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Vitabase Health Product Referrals - Get 25%

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by vbAffDirector, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. vbAffDirector

    vbAffDirector Affiliate affiliate

    Vitabase has been selling health products for over seven years now and is growing rapidly. We have recently renovated our affiliate program based on our current affiliate's feedback. We feel that the changes offer an easy to understand program with straightforward commissions and implementation. That said, here are the important numbers:

    25% commission on Vitabase brand products
    10% commission on all other name brand products

    You are paid the same percentages every time you refer a customer to us, even if that customer has visited us before! In other words, this is not a plan where the percentages are high on the first customer order but drop to 5% on all orders after that. As long as you keep referring them, you keep getting the full 25% every time!

    90-day cookies: You get credit for a customer referral, even if they don?t buy on their first visit. As long as they return to Vitabase.com within 90 days, you get credit for the order!

    Bonus: We will add $20 to your account when you post your first referral link to Vitabase!

    No charge to sign up.

    Real-time order tracking system.

    Read more about our Referral Program and sign up at:

  2. terraleads

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