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Vista Makes Me Want to Pour Salt On Slugs


Linda Buquet

Ohhhh noooooo Rob. Don't do that!
Really that bad???

Sometimes I hear from people that hate Vista.
But I've not had a single problem. When I got my new system
I tried to find something decent that still used XP and couldn't.

I was prepared for a rocky learning curve and all kinds of bugs.
Nothing... nada... zip... it's been smooth as can be and I usually
don't even realize I'm not using XP.

In fact now that I'm used to it, I REALLY like it!
Please don't hit me or yell at me! :p



I have a weird problem where Adwords Editor won't connect to the internet cos it think I am connecting via a proxy (when I am not).

Sometimes the widgets on the desktop work - other times nada.

System resources run at about 70% when it isn't actually doing anything.

Other software I have just seems to crash everything.

It's killing me!