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Selling Vietnamese Translation/Volumm Tracking Setup/ Proofreading [Anything for $ to run Mobile Offer]

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by onlineincomebulb, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. onlineincomebulb

    onlineincomebulb Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys

    [Promotion] : Free for 10 customers, first come first serve.

    So why is Vietnam ?

    Asian countries like Vietnam is a great way to make money through CPA Marketing, because :
    _ First, there's no such thing as "regulation" here : the market is open, the government doesn't pay much attention. So such banner like "Your Android has a virus" is absolutely OK here.
    _ Second, CPA marketing in Vietnam is a new business, so the competition is less than other countries.

    If you've read this great case study , you may want to give Vietnam a jump for your International Offer. [ By the way, that Landing Page is translated correctly, but if you're a native Vietnamese reading that Landing page , it sounds very "google translate" ]
    That's why you need a good translator.

    Why choose me ?
    First of all, I'm a native Vietnamese who's fluent in English, so you'll be assured that your banner or landing page translated "naturally" ( "Naturally" is 5 times better than "Correctly" )

    Second, I've been doing Internet Marketing for 2 years, so I know which words are best suited for IM purpose.

    Other Service :
    _ I can setup your Voluum lander, campaign, offer and postback URL. I can even modify your Landing Page so that it can pass the Volumm parameters displaying user's city, carrier, ISP...
    _ Proofread your LP or Banner : Get your creatives translated but not sure about the quality ? I'll proofread and give you some recommendations to make the creatives better.

    $0.06/word with a minimum of $6/project.

    Some ideas for a $6 project:
    a. Translate 8 banners of 320 x 50,
    b. Translate 1 mobile Landing Page and setup Voluum tracking link
    c. Translate 1 mobile Landing Page and pass Volumm parameter

    P/S :
    I'm doing this service for money to run my mobile campaigns since the salary in Vietnam is too low to run offers ( Mine is $250/month ), so I'll do my best to satisfy you.

    There's so much to learn in this field, so I also want to learn from you, too.

    PM me and let's work.

    Thank you
  2. newbidder

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