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[Video Interview] Traffic Captain in da house – Personal Branding in Affiliate Marketing!

Discussion in 'ZorbasMedia' started by ZorbasMedia, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. ZorbasMedia

    ZorbasMedia Affiliate Media Agency affiliate

    Today’s Hero needs no introduction, you already know him.
    ZorbasMedia traveled to Hamburg to talk to the one, the only Andy Wullmer aka The Traffic Captain.
    Andy started out in the adult industry 20 years ago(for real), and eventually became the CEO of SGM, nowadays he represents the conglomerate as major as the man himself, Traffic Partner is one of the most notable companies in the industry, especially in the dating vertical, with more than 300 employees with offices all around the world, they work with almost everything traffic-related and are always striving to grow and expand.

    If you ever have been to any of major affiliates conferences you, most likely, have seen Andy, and today the Traffic Captain himself will tell us everything there is to know about the power of personal branding and how social connections can help achieve goals in the affiliate marketing business.
    How the adult industry became the driving force of the internet and why your mobile phone is your last private sanctuary these, and many other questions will be answered, so sit back and enjoy our interview with the Legend himself.


    The Captain is ready to share some of his precious wisdom with one of you, one on one, for 2 hours.
    What should you do?
    Simply comment on this video and tell us about 3 topics you want to see discussed in our upcoming interviews.
    The best comment will be chosen on 12 of April!
    All participants must be subscribed to ZorbasMedia Youtube channel.
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