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[Video Interview] KJ Rocker. How affiliate marketing can help you get out of poverty

Discussion in 'ZorbasMedia' started by ZorbasMedia, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. ZorbasMedia

    ZorbasMedia Affiliate Media Agency affiliate

    During our time in Barcelona, we met with KJ Rocker, a long-time affiliate, author of Rocker Blog, affiliate marketing coach and pretty cool guy.

    KJ started affiliate marketing 8 years ago, and he did it without having a stable Internet connection, with 25 bucks in his pocket and a wish to get out of his Pakistani village. And as you can see — he did.

    KJ is well-known for his blog where he shares his thoughts and insights into affiliate marketing and motivates people to make money online, and he tries to help everyone he can.

    As regards starting your affiliate career, he gives simple advice: learn, be determined and don’t go easy on yourself, you are here to work and get things done, and affiliate marketing is only getting harder with each passing day.

    Being motivated is very important, as only one in ten affiliate marketers reach success and actually make a profit. Affiliate marketing is widely considered to be an easy source of income, but in reality it isn’t.

    And, of course, we talked about his present-day activities — running his blog, coaching and most importantly — driving UK traffic to financial offers. This is no easy task as financial vertical is one of the toughest and the quality of traffic should be exceptional and KJ and his team deliver.

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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. PaidPoints

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    Most blogs who make big bucks online, for example Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome who has generated up to 300,000 USD from his blog alone, and Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud who makes a consistent range of $20,000 to $40,000 from his blog, generate their income mostly through Afffiliate Marketing.

    It's already popularly known as one of the best ways to make money online.
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  4. darkxavier

    darkxavier Affiliate affiliate

    Great video! Really liking this no BS channel! :)
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  5. AndrewRxP

    AndrewRxP Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Amazing interview! ;)
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  6. Jermain Linton

    Jermain Linton Affiliate affiliate

    Cool! Interview. Looks great.
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