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Very Wierd Formula I cannot figure - Intersting question

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by isleitems24, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. isleitems24

    isleitems24 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Everbody!

    as you probably know , been affiliating for 3+ months now ..

    I have a campaign that gives me much transactions but I am struggling and dont know what 2 do .. (I have two questions)

    if the bid is 0.015 , I get 3 transactions from 30 clicks , total profit is 3.15$ = this is 700%
    if the bid is 0.025 i get 9 transcations from 90 clicks , total profit is 9.45$ = this is 456%

    I am not sure what is the smartest way to optimize it , I mean , should I stay with the first approach (0.015) or second approach (0.025) ?
    should the smartest solution would be : whereever I make more profit on $ is what important? (second approach)

    2. How Can I bring more traffic to a campaign? if I use buzzcity on X country .. should I try on Leadbolt or Airpush the same campaign or will I compete with myself?

  2. terraleads
  3. xeniel

    xeniel Affiliate affiliate

    First of all I would take the one at $0.025 bid. Profit always matter more than ROI.

    Secondly, even before scaling this to other traffic source (if you're only getting 90 clicks a day for this one campaign) you need to look into ways to get more traffic from your current traffic source.
    What's the CTR on your ads now? Low CTR leads to low eCPM so your traffic source would prefer to give the traffic to other marketers
    Is your daily campaign budget set to unlimited or as high as possible?
    Is your targeting too tight? i.e. blocking too many placements, carriers, devices?

    Once you got a solid campaign going at your current traffic source then you can scale to other places.
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  4. isleitems24

    isleitems24 Affiliate affiliate

    thank you so much for helping me man , you're really got me thiking...

    I have checked and the CTR is 5% , although I have days with 35% and days with 2% .. average (based on only 1200 clicks) is 5%
    I have now created a banner of my own and will test it.
    also , I have really tightend the campaign since I am being forced into one carrier in one country , been checking and only symbian was profitable.

    I have loaded 60$ into Leadbolt but their symbian traffic is very poor as far as I heard ...

    any better tips my friend?
  5. xeniel

    xeniel Affiliate affiliate

    5% CTR is pretty good. How many banners do you have running? Maybe you can make many variations of the winning one so your ads get served more and give you more volume.

    Have you tried upping your bids really high in your current traffic source to see if you can anymore traffic, maybe at a lower ROI but even more profit because you get more volume. You could also ask your traffic source rep to see if you are already exhausting all the Symbian traffic. You could also scale it to a source with more Symbian traffic if that's what's working for you.

    As for leadbolt, trying it out for yourself is always better than following hearsay :)

    Anyway the key to big profitable campaign is always one where you don't have to mess too much with targeting cos that's where the volume is, which is why the big players test tonnes of angles to find the one with mass appeal.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2014
  6. isleitems24

    isleitems24 Affiliate affiliate

    so you're basically saying that money is a key to sucuess in this field .. they are just running 100 campaigns with 1000 clicks per one .. and they are looking for a campaign just like I rarely get? I have a very very good campaign that constantly converts without any problems...

    remember I told you I have created my own banner? it recieved 3 transcations in one hour .. it is huge sucuess , BUT - it gets the transcations that my previous banner should have made .. but the CTR is higher - so this is of course more profitable I assume- right?

    I have 20 campaigns of the same banner with different bids .. I have still did not understand if I compete with myself or not since my highest bid does not get any traffic and the middle ones are the best.

    I am really struggling with Leadbolt , their minimum bid is 0.05 which is really really high , I doubt it will be profitable for this campaign.

    now a few more questions :

    1. my campaign was running in two channels - I have optimized a channel X on my best campaign .. since then , I get double conversion rates .. but am I not losing some cash for the fact that I can also advertise on Channel Y , of course I will have lower CTR but what if I open a new campaign and will mark only channel Y?
    it wont compete with my other campaign of channel X since its not the same channel - right? or in buzzcity the exposures is randomly spliting between the channels?

    2. you have talked about big money affilates that looking for rare campigns .. I got this campaign out of 30 I tried , 30 campaigns X 1000 clicks X 0.05 bid = 1500$
    is finding this rare campaign really worths 1500$??? that does not make any sense.

    3. I have premoted a campaign that contains few kinds of subscriptions , which means if you press the refferal link - you will be randomly landing on a 1 out or 6 kind of subscribing service , I have runned it for 5000 clicks , figured that X subscribing (based on mobpartner information) is best on a speficic country , so I took the URL of this specfic subscription (yes it was possible) and opened a new campign that will lead only to this chosen subscription , BUT .. not even one conversion , and I had 25 from this one.

    what could possibley happen?
    only thing I can think of is that mobpartner information was incorrect.

    please answer all the above or one of them , I am sure many people could see and learn from this thread.
  7. xeniel

    xeniel Affiliate affiliate

    It takes money to make money, brah.

    I assume your 20 campaigns running the same banner was your attempt to scale, you should probably use the same bids for all of them to avoid competing against each other. I wouldn't suggest you using just the same banner, maybe make small variations of the winning banner. This way you are scaling and testing at the same time. More bang for your buck.

    2. It's all about testing man. Big affiliates have more money to burn and more testing budget so they can test tonnes of offers to see what works. $1500 is a drop in the ocean. For those just starting out, you may already spend $1500 but once you hit gold (match the right angle/banner to the right offer) you can scale the shit out of it and make many times back what you lost on the previous 29 campaigns.

    3. Did you track what was converting for you when you ran the 6 random offer URL? Maybe you can replicate that and see if it works in a new campaign.
  8. isleitems24

    isleitems24 Affiliate affiliate

    1. yes I have tried to change bids to see which bid is having the best traffic , this is not always the highest bid who gets the most traffic.
    2. do you have any recommendation of a good most optimized campaign ? I mean , for example , 10% CTR , 300% profit , etc
    3. yes I have tried to seperate the actions into individual campaigns and I did not recieve any transcations .. but when I combined it together - I got the transcations back .. very weird , any idea why?
    4. do you have any 3rd party tracker which is free that I can use?
    5. tell me , I need traffic from Asia in order to expand my good campaign .. I have tried Leadbolt but they are very bad on asia and barely get any traffic so I wasted 60$ for nothing ... have a good ad network I can use for Asia?
    6. in what ways I can expand my traffic ? not my CTR becuase its 10% which is the maximum I think.

    thank you so much man!

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