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Vbulletin Manager (Forum Poster, Pmmer and Topics Creator)

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by ermac2014, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. ermac2014

    ermac2014 Affiliate affiliate


    Here is the full details:
    VBulletin Manager is used to help everyone who want to promote his/her business online by driving lots of traffic from VBulletin boards to his/her website. it allows the user to fully manage all new versions of VBulletin boards. Either by posting replies, creating threads or PMing. Promoting your offers in forums is the new wave in internet advertising for those who are searching for better way of driving traffic to their sites. You will have no headaches about your website ranking in search engines and backlinks no more!

    Some Key Features:
    # Supports 95% of VBulletin Boards.
    # Able to Add/Delete or import as many boards as you want.
    # Able to Send Replies to random topics to increase posts count.
    # Able to Create New Threads in desired forums(it doesn't post your topic in random forums).
    # Able to Send PMs without scrapping members list.
    # Able to Auto Exclude all moderators from PMing list.
    # Able to Grab boards settings and validate forums.
    # Able to Validate accounts.
    # Able to Add Random Comments/Topics/Pms.
    # Valid Accounts Checker.
    # Help users to manually Register Accounts on added boards.
    # Multiple Forums Blasting.
    # Multiple Accounts per Forum.
    # Anti-Spam delay time Detector.
    # Forums Validator.
    # Full Comments/Topics/PMs status reports. to check if the program is still sending.
    # Supports All boards languages (Unicode - UTF-8 encode).
    # charsets auto-detector included.
    # Increase your position in Search Engines which counts on the link popularity to your site (like Google)
    # This tool can really bring you thousands of targeted visitors.
    # Able to show status of all events.
    # Easy to use, just enter your texts and post it.
    # and many more..

    for screenshots please go to this page:
    Unversal Auto-Posters::products

    for Videos regarding the program go to this page:
    Unversal Auto Posters::Tutorials

    for downloading the demo please check this page:
    Unversal Auto-Posters::Download

    I'm offering this nice piece of this software for only 49.99$ for limited time. the real price is 69.90$. I am selling this tool for less then one hundred dollars but it is funny money because it is worth a lot more.

    here is the buying link:
    Unversal Auto-Posters::Buy

    If you will run this tool correctly you will have your money back in couple of hours.
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