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Various LI/PPV questions

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by alex.b, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. alex.b

    alex.b Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Lukasz,

    I have a bunch of LI and general CPV related questions, hopefully you can shed some light on them:

    1. How does LI determine bidding priority? Let me explain. There is a popular bidding model that goes like this (variations of 1 URL):
    you get the idea. Let's assume that advertiser1 bids $0.02 on "awesomeURL1.com" and advertiser 2 bids $0.01 on "awesomeURL1.co". Now when a visitor with the adware installed navigates to awesomeURL1.com, which advertiser gets the pop? The one with the higher bid, or is the traffic split evenly since they both bid on different keywords (yet it could be considered the same since both keywords are triggered by the user, but of course only 1 pop up can show).

    2. Generally from your data, what type of landing page have you found to convert better: light-weight, simple landers (no sound, very few/small or no images, no javascript but loading very fast) vs. more sophisticated landers (sound, javascript/jquery timers, animated images but loading slower)?

    3. How do you determine high traffic keywords/targets in LI? I find it quite annoying that the keywords only list the bid prices and not the average monthly volume Is it just trial and error (load a bunch of keywords in your campaign, look at tracking solution which brought in lots of visitors/conversions etc. and optimize) or is there a way to know the volume of a keyword before adding it to a campaign (like zeropark)? Guessing from google keyword planner (keywords) or sites like quantcast/alexa (for URLs)?

    I think that wall of text was enough already, I look forward to your replies. Thanks for doing this!
  2. terraleads
  3. johnnygood

    johnnygood Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    1. In general highest bidder always wins :) that's why it's really good idea to add as many variations as possible of url to see if there is a smart advertiser outbidding you somewhere

    2. Go in the middle tbh, stuff like sound, javascript,jquery and animated things improve CTR and that's a fact, but there is as well other fact that slow loadtime will kill your CTR.

    Good method is to start simple and keep on adding extra features and observe how it affects CTR/CR

    3. When in doubt always ask Account Manager, with LI it's hit or miss some targets that are high on alexa will get decent volume, but sometimes there is really huge difference between those. I suspect this is due to demography of LI audience. It's really good idea to open up dialog with your account manager to be kept in up to date.

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