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Up to $12 a sale for a $16.95 bombastic product! 175TV.com

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by The2K, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. The2K

    The2K New Member


    This is your definitive affiliate program!

    The 175TV.com build your own 175" TV Screen kit! For just U$16.95

    This is a killer product and sells fantastically well due to its very low price only 16.95 and it works like a real cinema! Everyone wants to have a huge screen spending only some bucks and that is what our product offers our customers!

    Today 40% of our sales are refers from our past customers !!

    Look at our commission structure:

    Tier 1 up to 10 sales month = U$8 commission
    Tier 2 up to 20 sales month = U$10 commission
    Tier 3 more than 30 sales month = U$12 commission

    More benefits of our affiliate program:

    - Payments sent every 5th for the month that has just ended
    - Dedicated affiliate support from an affiliate manager
    - Real time commission tracking
    - 90 day cookies
    - Extremely high conversions
    - Fantastic banners
    - U$5 just for signup
    - Only U$15 payment threshold

    We are waiting you to work with us in a very successful, long term and solid partnership.

    This is not something public available at our website yet; only for our forum members.

    Our site URL: http://www.175TV.com

    Affiliate program URL: http://www.175TV.com/affiliate

    Have a great day!

    Kindest Regards,

    Joe Santos
    Affiliates Manager
    [email protected]
    175 TV Team
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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Joe,

    Big 5 Star welcome! Thanks for sharing your program with us.

    You know before you even posted this, when you 1st signed up a couple days ago I was curious about your site and went to check out your product and program. I'm going to check it out some more this weekend. Maybe I don't fully understand it but seems like a product like this should be able to sell for LOTS more than this.

    It looks AMAZING and I remember getting pretty excited about both the product and the affiliate program. I look at LOTS of programs and don't get excited very often any more. So that's a BIG testament for 175TV.com!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back to give us updates on any new developments or just hang out and chat!
  4. The2K

    The2K New Member

    Thanks for the warm reception Linda!

    Our product is amazing everyone that buys loves it

    Let me explain you: basically you will receive our lens + CD. The CD has instructions for constructing the projection box which you place in the front of your TV. The box makes TV light go by our super lens which capture and magnify the image of your TV up 10 175". I

    I really liked your reception here and we will surely come back!

    You have a great site as well!
  5. SylviaB

    SylviaB New Member

    Hi Joe,

    I would love to run this offer...what's your email? Phone? AIM?
    my AIM is sylpbe

    PLease contact me : )

    Sylvia B.
    [email protected]