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Selling Unique Facebook CPA Marketing Training

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Stefan T, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Stefan T

    Stefan T Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everybody!

    Let me introduce, my name is Stefan and I´m the CEO of a company in Austria called thmedia.
    My Company develop Websites(PHP,MySQL,Ajax) ,iPhone and Android Apps and provides SEO for our customers,we have more than 50 customers at this moment, and developed about +300 Websites.We worked with many affiliates-network and helped them to setup a profitable campaign.

    But this is not our main business, our main business is it to run CPA Campaigns for our Clients.
    We setup and handle everything for our Clients- this means...let me explain in details...
    If you heard of Facebook Viral Scripts , then go on reading...
    Most of the Scripts are totaly CRAP, because facebook is very strict with such scripts, in normal case when you setup a viral facebook script/app most of the scripts got banned from facebook in less than 10 minutes.

    This cannot happen with our system! We use a very unique viral system for promoting CPA offers with Facebook.

    What you don´t need:
    • Hosting
    • Domain
    • Worries about ban

    What we are going to show you with a One-One Live training via Skype and Teamviewer:
    • How to setup a high profitable CPA -Facebook Campaign
    • You get our Script
    • Setup Accounts (we show you where)

    In normal case we are running the campaigns for our clients, this means they pay us money and we setup everything, they don´t get a Script or any other information! They just earn $$$$ per day.
    One of our clients send us a Screenshot from a $4000 campaign we setup a few days ago.
    Here are two screenshots :

    Screen 1
    URL : http://srv1.imageleak.net/9062dffd959c743177b2c36ffcb57aed.jpg
    Screen 2
    URL : http://srv1.imageleak.net/3794e9766096eee04e43ac9439443a0d.jpg

    The Price for one campaign and for one setup (One-One Coaching via Skype and Teamviewer), we can discuss via Skype – but it´s not under $1000.
    Before we start there is an Upfront Payment of $450, I got scammed to often!
    I know IM business is very hard and $1000 its quite a good amount of money, but before we start you have to sign a contract between us and you!
    If you cannot invest $1000 please don´t add me to skype! I would never run a campaign without payment! Payment is only available via Paypal!

    For proof I can give a review copy away to .K for free! He can check and I hope he would approve my topic :)

    We take only 5 new Clients!

    Skype : stefan.thmedia

    Best regards
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