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Undercover Profits Dynamic Affiliate Software - 300 Copies Only

Linda Buquet

The key to successful niche marketing, niche blogging and affiliate revenue is to find a niche and fill it! Well how do you know the niche is profitable. Then how do you tell which affiliate program actually converts well, tracks and really pays???

<strong>What if you could find out which affiliate programs and key words convert well and are profitable before you bother to build a site and certainly before you invest in a PPC campaign with Google Adwords?</strong>

<strong>What if you could use EXISTING Adwords campaigns to test a products, key phrases or merchants - before you risk your own hard earned dollars?</strong>

Find out which affiliate programs and keywords are profitable
BEFORE you spend a DIME on advertising
or LIFT a FINGER to build a site!

Read more and see the VIDEO demonstration over at the 5 Star blog:
Find Profitable Affiliate Niches - Jumpstart Adwords - Discover Undercover Profits

Happy Selling!

Linda Buquet

Undercover Profits just launched and <strong>only 300 copies will be sold</strong>. If you want a serious competitive edge as an affiliate or Adwords advertiser, then you want to look at this! It's not an ebook, its a powerful software tool that can help you find out which niches and affiliate programs have high conversions and are profitable before you bother to invest your time or money!

5 Star Blog has all the details:
Over Acheiver Affiliates Dream Software - Undercover Profits 300 Copies Only

Let me know if you get it and how much it helps your online revenue!


Sounds to good to be true Linda.
I visited the site and it was a site like many of the "Get Rich Quick" **** websites profiting from the gullible and people just starting out.

I'm also just starting out so to speak but these .. 500 mile long - one page - I'll talk your head off - until you buy my eBook/Software .. pages just creates an enormous feeling of distrust from the start i laid my eyes on these type of pages.

Where do these pages come from anyways, they all look the same and go on and on and on...:rolleyes:

I mean if it was that fantastic then you would have bought it without hesitation.
It seems to me you have some doubts as well? :)
Or have you bought a copy also?

Apologies in advance for being such a pessimist but it's a fact that a lot of these type of pages are indeed only out their to shake your money out of your pockets and don't provide any value at all.

And not only affiliate marketing but various niches.

Linda Buquet

"Apologies in advance for being such a pessimist but it's a fact that a lot of these type of pages are indeed only out their to shake your money out of your pockets and don't provide any value at all."

No apologies needed. I agree with you wholeheardedly!
Especially when it comes to newbies. They should keep their CC in their wallet.
I also agree these sites all look the same and I get SO TIRED of the hype.

The only reason I wrote about this one is it's not another ebook - its software. Its a tool that looks pretty powerful to me - but ONLY for pros.
I dont think newbies should get it.

I'm still thinking of getting it and would without ANY hesitation IF I thought I would use it.
If I was a full time affiliate I would get it, but all I have time to do is dream up
niches. If I had the software I don't know where I would even get the time to use it.
I don't have any time to build affiliate sites or do PPC, too busy running 5 Star as it is.
So that's my only hold back.


Thanks Linda! That was a very informative breakdown. A big Thank You to the Author!

The funny thing about the sales letter is that he says ?nothing gets me angrier than lies and deceit?, and ?I?m committed to honest marketing??and yet, look at what he?s doing himself.

Indeed funny.
When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it probably is a duck....


One thing I found interesting about their marketing of this is that I received an email from the author/publisher saying that he had released it a day early to his maling list and sold over 200 copies.

So one would think if that were true that on launch day there would only be at most 100 slots available. But as of today there are still slots available. Of course this could be accountable to the $291/month price tag. Like Linda I thought it was a flat $291, which I still thought was pricey when there are other medthods of doing the same exact things cheaper.