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UK Towns on the Web Franchise Opportunity

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by josh87, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. josh87

    josh87 Affiliate affiliate

    Internet franchises seem to be big business at the moment and there are internet franchises popping up all over the place. Of course, the fact that they are big business must mean that there is a good idea in there somewhere, although there are some that are better than others. One of the most recent internet franchises to pop up is the UK Towns on the Web franchise opportunity. This opportunity is only available in the UK at the moment but the thing that makes it unique is that it is available for a very small price. [​IMG] The UK Towns on the Web franchise opportunity will give you the chance to own your own community website for the area in which you live. There are many other franchises like this such as the Guide2TheWorld franchise as well as TheBestOf and CityLocal, however, this franchise is available for the small price of ?250. The question is; why is it available for such a low price when the others cost at least a few thousand? The answer is that the monthly fees are quite high. Despite the fact that you only have to pay ?250 to join the franchise, you will then have to pay monthly fees of ?300 per month afterwards for support and hosting etc. This is standard with internet franchises although many offer fees much lower than this. When it comes to the actually opportunity however, it looks pretty decent. The UK towns on the Web website is pretty good looking and well thought out and there are many ways for you to make your money back and make a living from the website. The idea is that you sell advertising to restaurants, businesses, hotels and so forth in your area in return for the promotion you give them. The franchise description says that you should be looking at having around 300 advertisers at ?299 per year after a few years which is possible, but maybe unlikely unless you put a lot of work into it. To summarise, we would say that the opportunity is there if you are willing to work hard at it, however, don?t be fooled by the low initial setup costs as the monthly fees are high.
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