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UK Print Affiliates WHERE DO I FIND THEM!?


Hi there I hope this is in the correct section of the forum,

Right let me start off by saying I have just finished setting up a new printing company along with a website that has an affiliate system, We are looking for some advice from current affiliate's and people who run affiliate systems.

We are currently running 10% commission on all sales via the aff link We are adding banners , videos , email content and quite abit more marketing material for our affiliates,

I think the recruitment page looks okay, We are working at improving it so your suggestions are appreciated

My main problem now is recruiting the affiliates, Where do you look? I would like to try and get around 10-20 new UK Affiliates on board each month if possible, I am considering paid advertisement any suggestions?

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Its a tough one to crack when starting out and being "unknown" so to speak, If i were in your position id be doing a bit of outreach to potential affiliates, people with related but not competing businesses or blogs.

Much like you are doing now there is always room for asking around in a non spammy way in business forums and doing a bit of networking with people you feel maybe a good fit , whether it be because you've seen them promoting a product very similar or whether its because their website has the audience your targeting .

You'll find once you get some people on board and the banners are seen in places of authority that affiliates will start to try you out but to begin with it will be mostly you doing alot of out reach.

Another thing to consider is that many site owners dislike Affiliate programs because they are taking up real estate of which a direct banner sale could be occupying, You might wish to research a couple of websites and purchase direct advertising with an affiliate link to track the sales generated and then decide whether its worth reaching out to that site owner with the figures you've collected.

Obviously you really want the affiliates which spend good money on advertising their links on facebook, adwords etc but they only come when the commissions and sales model warrant it.

P.s , Ive tweeted this thread for you, hopefully you may get some more responses or indeed some interested parties .