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U a Stuck Newbie? Andrew Wee has a Plan

Linda Buquet

Andrew Wee is a 5 Star member. I know Andrew and read his blog almost daily however I HATE TO ADMIT I've never listened to one of his podcasts. So today was a 1st and I like some things he had to say.

Lots of newbies do get stuck and he makes the point you need to dig in and get your hands dirty. You need to take action! But lots of newbies go willy nilly all over the place so you need to have a plan.

Its great to LISTEN to advice sometimes instead of just reading advice.
So listen to Andrew while you work.
"In this episode of the Friday Podcast, I address a perenial question from new Internet Marketers ?I?m doing everything right - submitting articles, blogging, but I ain?t made a single dime! What gives??

The ?Stuck Newbie Internet Marketer? syndrome is more common than you might think and I go into some solutions and workthroughs if you find yourself in similar circumstances."

Listen up:
Friday Podcast Episode 12: Where?s Your Internet Marketing Master Plan?

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