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TraffiChemy - PPC/CPA Ads Media for Advertisers and Publishers

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by saif0506, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. saif0506

    saif0506 Guest

    Hello everyone we are introducing a pay per click (PPC) advance platform TraffiChemy.Com - that will help small and large businesses maximize their current profit one step more. Actually we in business from last 1 years, & worked with various online Ads providing firm.

    Why you use PPC Ads /why we are Top in this market:

    PPC is particularly useful for those websites which are new and currently not being picked up and ranked by the search engines. Recently google update their search engines so it’s the pick time to USE PPC advertising makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses.
    TraffiChemy.Com is the most efficient way to promote your business. And it is paid by valid ad clicks which is cost-effective for advertisers. Although the price is higher than CPM but lower than CPI. It is just the right place. Also, it is helpful to seo or not, it depends on the SEO method.

    Benefits of General PPC:
    1. Speed-to-market
    2. Reach
    3. Highly-targeted website traffic
    4. Testing Capabilities
    5. Maximize the return on your marketing investment

    We share more than 75% of revenue with our publishers

    For Publisher:
    • Automatic DOMAIN approval
    • Main & most important part is you can use our codes with any others ads network it will not conflict or not affect any where
    • No minimum traffic requirement.
    • PPC rate is from .006 to 2.30 highest (RTB)
    • Rotating PPC Text / Banner Ads codes based on your site content which will increasing your CTR & will help to earn handsome amount.
    • Real time stats .Update always each & every details
    • Anytime payout request will take maximum 48 hours to pay publishers
    • (Lowest Payout 10$ via PayPal) -- For PREMIUM lowest payout 5.00$
    • 75% revenue share -- For PREMIUM it will be 90%
    • Currently we are banner ads of Text & Banner of any sizes which will suitable for your websites, its looks & feel like Google AdSense.

    For Advertisers:
    • Minimum deposit of 50$
    • Auto approval
    • Anti-fraud protection – well experienced personal managers available for direct skype/email support.

    Payment method:
    • Currently only PayPal
    24/7 support: Via TraffiChemy Contact Page
    Skype: isolated.essence

    Just try Traffichemy you will not disappointed, FOR better result suggest to try us minimum 72 Hours for adjusting ads with yours sites without RTB technology.
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