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Traffic Source for CPA Offers

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by goggaboss, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. goggaboss

    goggaboss Affiliate affiliate

    hello Cpafix!

    Is there any Good and Cheap ways to Promote Offers ?Please Share your Ideas what Traffic sources are u using and which Resourece is giving ur money back!

    Kindly Dont ask for Google Adwords and Facebook...and Whats about Put Offer Banners on CPM Adertising website..Yllix.com,globaltakeoff,CPM Advertising websites
  2. terraleads
  3. jimbond

    jimbond Affiliate affiliate

    I personally like to do personal approach. Goes to niche targeted forums, hang around and give valuable input to the prospects. It's about mutual and market education. Doesn't promote too much, since becoming a helping hands and give shed of light would lead them into better marketing.
    Like if i promote hosting, then i would try to spread the coupon codes, while my signature would show the banner about the hosting. :)
  4. nonni1990

    nonni1990 Affiliate affiliate

    hi goggaboss

    it's hard to say which gives you your money back it all depends on the offer where you promote it what are the results of your testing and what did you do to make it profitable.

    if you are low on funds or got no money to spend then use free methods such as forums seo fanpages youtube yahoo answers etc it will take a lot of time but it's nearly free

    using cpm model with banner advertising sounds cheap but it's only true if your banner convert if not then the cpm might end up higher the cpc
    i know it's probably not the answer that you were looking for but this is the reality cpa marketing is not easy especially when doing zip/email with ppc the margins are very small.

    here's something else you might want to consider if someone is advertising on a site and doing well do you think they are going to come here and give you
    all the info so you can compete with them and cut their profit margins? Sorry never going to happen.
  5. itallcounts

    itallcounts Affiliate affiliate

    I thought the internet is big enough for everyone. :confused:
  6. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    There is room for everyone to promote something and profit from it and yes sorry you will have to use paid methods intermixed with free methods to see any real results. You may not getting the results you want from Facebook because you have to split test a lot and play with your targeting. You have to write compelling copy for your ads as well as something that will get noticed.

    Try to use Q and A sites as well as classifieds. these are not used as much as they probably should. people who are asking questions are asking for you to solve their problem . you may have an offer that can help them sometimes not...its just a source

    forums such as these are good sources too as well as groups. there are groups and forums for anything and everything. you cannot go into a forum and just start spamming though. You have to give good information and then after a little bit you can start recommending some things. It is not a quick process...it is a job that you hammer at everyday. Some people have overnight success...I guess. I am more inclined to think not. This is a hard business but it is something you can succeed in if you have some sort of schedule and follow it. No push button system will make you rich
  7. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    I would recommend you build a website around your offers. Write content. Keep it topical.

    Read my series. I'll show you how to get traffic for free. I'm the top expert, and that's not bragging.

    Start here:





    I like Staged. It's easy, and you can get started for free. Great for newbies. Read my report and watch the videos. In my signature.

    Good luck,

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  8. shivamaduncle

    shivamaduncle Affiliate affiliate

    try POF and traffic junky

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