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Track to reward



I am an affiliate for a couple of big names and wish to spread my wings by using a network. I have already signed up with a couple to see how they work.

My sites are specialist and I wish to be able to reward members who buy through my site with a cash-back incentive (part of my commission). I understand the networks have the capability of tracking a specific id, so I would tag the customer's id to the link when they click to buy. So far so good (I think!)

Presumably the networks reporting system will give you the amount you are paid for each link / tag id? thus informing you of how much I will have to pay the member.

So I guess it is just a case of getting the reports and manually extracting member IDs to see how much to pay whom?

Would that work? Or is there some sort of system/software/script that would do it all automatically, including seeing, extracting, listing who has purchased what?

My biggest problem as I see it is that I can't test the system beforehand, somebody has to actually buy something first!

Hope this all makes sense <G>