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Top SEO Mistakes



Keyword stuffing is a common mistake, putting a long list of keywords on your site and nothing else. Invisible Text is another mistake, it's when you put a list of keywords in white text on a white background in hopes of attracting more web spiders. No Marketing Plan, if you don?t know who your market is, and what they want, high search engine rankings will not help you.

Can you add to this list.. thanks.


- Poorly optimized page titles : If your goal is to get more traffic for bird cages then use "Bird Cages" as the first phrase in your page title, instead of page 1, or something of that nature or placing it at the end of the whole page title. Place your primary keywords in the beginning of the page title.

Make sure your page titles are unique and descriptive to the content of the page as much as possible.

- If you have dynamic pages due to database driven applications use seo friendly applications that rewrite those seo unfriendly url's.

- Usage of images as a navigational link structure

Some of them that comes to mind...


-waste your time with keywords stuffing
- did not test and tweak your search engine ranking
- did not give off page optimization importance
- did not right anchor text related to your topic,
- exchange links with no related web site,
- web page without content
- use PRL without modification
- use articles from merchant in your web site
- did not LEARN AND TEST.


Yes, I can definately add to the list. Anything Black Hat is bad SEO. Keep doing white hat seo only and follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines at all times.