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Here's the Zzounds affiliate program newsletter.
In case you have not joined zZounds yet, they are the highest paying
affiliate program for musical intruments,sound equipment and DJ Gear.

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MAy Affiliate Newlsetter

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Hello Affiliates!

May is just around the corner, and we here at are
planning for a big month. Here's what we'll be discussing in this
newsletter to help kick this summer off right!
<ul><li>Top 10 Products for May
<li>April Affiliate Checks to be mailed May 7th
<li>Graphic Ad Creative Survey</ul>
<b>---------Top 10 Products for May-----------</b><br>
First of all, AES (Audio Engineering Society) Vienna 2007 is just
around the corner. One of the world’s largest summits on audio
engineering is coming up on May 5th and going on until May 8th, so
be sure to check Audio Engineering Society for updates on the conference. This is a good thing to keep in mind since it may boost the already high level of interest in our recording gear!

In the meantime, has acquired a lot of new products
this year, and Josh has combed through them all and picked out ten
that have either been popular with our customers so far or look to
be very desirable items. Without further ado, and in no particular
order, here is that list!

<a href="">1. Sennheiser e903 Evolution Dynamic Microphone</a>

-Sennheiser is a reputable, quality name, and their microphones are
top notch. The e903 is giving microphone customers an option to
rival the SM58.<br>

<a href="">2. Alesis iMM8USB 8-Channel USB Mixer with iPod Recording</a>

-The Alesis Multimix series has always a popular item because of its
ease of connectivity to any computer’s USB port. Now with the
capability to toss an iPod into the mix, this could be one of the
most popular mixers in 2007.

<a href="">3. Fender PD250PLUS Passport Deluxe Portable PA with Built-In CD Player</a>

The Fender Passport series has been one of the most consistently<br>
successful items that offers. It contains every<br>
component necessary for a running PA system, and it all packs up<br>
into one convenient suitcase. Now, with the Plus series, a built<br>
in CD player is thrown into the mix, ensuring that the Passport<br>
series is as simple to operate as possible!

<a href="">4. Alesis USB Podcast Microphone Kit</a>

-Podcasting is nowhere near its peak, and interest in podcasting
and podcasting products has been on a constant rise so far this year.

<a href="">5. Behringer B212A Powered Speaker (450 Watts, 1x12 in.)</a>

-They’re no Mackie or JBL speakers, but people have been asking about<br>
these speakers far more often. At a price of $199.95 for active PA<br>
speakers, these get the job done without breaking the bank.

<a href="">6. DDrum Dios Exotic 5-Piece Drum Kit</a>

-Right now, DDrum and Mapex are both making really quality drum sets<br>
that our merchandisers have been excited about. The Dios Exotic kit<br>
is a great looking kit with a great sound from one of the up and<br>
coming drum manufacturers.

<a href="">7. DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Vocal Harmony Processor</a>

-This is another item that people are going crazy about. I’ve gotten<br>
countless calls from customers who cannot wait for this item to come<br>
in. A lot of singers don't want to splurge an extra 400 for the TC<br>
Helicon version when this harmonization tool is all they really need.

<a href="">8. ESP Alexi200 Alexi Laiho Electric Guitar</a>

-A lot of younger guitar players want an Alexi Laiho guitar, but they<br>
want something a bit more affordable the thousand dollar edition.<br>
This guitar is more catered towards beginner to intermediate guitar<br>
players while still maintaining the look of Children of Bodom’s<br>
frontman’s axe.

<a href="">9. Gibson Melody Maker Electric Guitar</a>

-A Gibson guitar for under $400. Need I say more?

<a href="">10. Numark Mixmeister Fusion DJ Software</a>

-A lot of good DJ software has come out since NAMM, and the Mixmeister<br>
Fusion DJ Software from Numark is one of the more impressive and<br>
coveted programs I have seen.<br><br>

<b>--------Payment Processing Refined----------</b>

Presently, we're hard at work on refining our payment processing
system to cut our standard payment delivery window from 60 days to
between 45-50. Our It department is creating a new system that helps
Josh and I process commissions and request your checks sooner each
month. Until this is complete, however, we'll have to wait and squash
a bug or two before checks can be issued for April. We're expecting to
have checks out to you in the mail by May 7th at the latest. Let us know.

if any problems arise from this, we'll take care of you.

<b>-------Affiliate Ad Creative Survery--------</b>

Of late, has expanded its graphic creative team to provide
high quality, cutting edge catalogs to 425,000+ customers. Between
catalogs, our graphics team has done excellent work revising new aspects
of our website, as well as creating custom graphics for in-house projects
and our ad partners. That said, we'd like to know what you think about our
graphic ads, and if you have any suggestions for how we can improve them.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

<ol><li> Are there any ad sizes you would like to use that we don't currently offer?

<li> Does our ad creative fit well with your site's graphic theme/layout?

<li> Are there any other merchants that you work with that provide exceptional creative that you wish zZounds would do as well?</ol>

If you have any other questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

-Mike Payne-
Affiliate Manager

-Josh Kalvelage-
Affiliate Admin