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Top Search Engine Rankings on Google for 5 Star Clients

Linda Buquet

I used to do SEO for a living and typically get my clients top rankings. I just built TheNerds affiliate program review page a week ago though, so I was pleasantly surprised their page on top for the following VERY competitive key phrases on Google.

#1 out of 15 MILLION - computer hardware affiliate program

#4 out of 71 Million - computer affiliate program

#4 out of 11 Million - computer parts affiliate program

#7 out of 109 Million computer software affiliate program

Note: results may vary slightly if you are using a different Google data center.

I'll probably get more high rankings for this client and these will move up. But I am surprised sometimes how fast and high Google ranks my client's pages.

I LOVE getting top rankings it's a RUSH to me like gambling is to some people. Good analogy too!

:p Thanks for letting me toot my own horn.