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Linda Buquet

Mark over at the blog is working on a nice in-depth list of the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs</a></strong>. 5 Star comes in at #11 mainly due to all the Technorati problems I've been having for the past couple months.
If the list was just based on PR and Alexa, I'd be #6. But it's cool, 11 out of 100 ain't half bad. ;-)

{{ Start Technorati Rant }} <a target="_new" href="">T fragmented my blog into 6 pieces then accidentally deleted it</a> (hard to explain) so 5 Star was missing in action for a couple months. After weeks of tech support requests they just finally fixed it and I'm back in, but I don't think all my recent links from the past 2 months are there. Thank you to whoever over there finally fixed the problem. {{End Technorati Rant}}

I'd like to thank Mark for the time I know went into creating this resource. It's always nice to be listed near the top in <a target="_new" href="">another </a> "<a target="_new" href="">top blog</a>" list. I'm in great company on Mark's list and discovered some new blogs I'd not seen before. There were even a couple I'd never heard of in the top 10 above me. So head over to the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs</a></strong> list and check it out. You can also ad your own blog or a favorite to the list if it isn't already there.


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