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Tips to be more professional

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Leo, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Leo

    Leo Member affiliate

    Get things done is good, but it's better get it done well!

    With this thread I want to give you some tips to build your business, your site, your Facebook page in a different way.

    Have an idea? How to build it:

    I'm sure that everybody has a great idea but don't have enough knowledge to build it.

    If you want to build a complex site or a simple landing page to make something new, unique you can follow these steps.

    • Make a sketch of your site or landing page with Mockingbird
      This site help you to create a preview of your Landing Page. This will help you for the next step.
    • Find a web developing Team. You can use Freelancer or Upwork
    • Open a project and start talking with them, choose the freelancer you prefer and start working on your project giving him your sketch.
    Do this when you want to build something from scratch will help you avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.

    Try to outsource all task you know you can't complete professionally! But try to do things in your own.

    How to make HQ Facebook Covers, Ad Images, Banners, Infographics etc.

    If you are not good at Photoshop, or you don't want to pay someone to make your images, you can use these 3 FREE Tools!


    Here you can create high quality images, covers, quotes etc.
    There are a lot of different image sizes to select and cool Text fonts to work with!
    Using this site to make my Ad Images for facebook advertising increased my Ads CTR!
    You can use this to write a text inside your image. It will looks professional!

    Stop using Paint, or crap fonts. Stay fresh.


    Create very high quality images with this online Tool! It's very similar to photoshop!
    You can drag elements and add to the image, change effects, write text and many more.

    Just give it a try!


    With Canva you can create image with default size for different social platform, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Post, Facebook Covers etc.
    You can create Invitation images, Ebook Previews, Infographics etc.

    I personally use this tool to create Infographics for my site. Using an infographics can increase your general CR, 'cause all steps and information about your site can be placed there!
    And it will looks more professional! Just make a sketch here and find a freelancer on fiverr who can improve it!

    Save time with Adespresso

    Adespresso is an online tool that help Facebook marketers save their time testing multiple ads. You know for sure that A/B testing is the most important thing to do when you run an offer or a campaign. So you will need to test Ad Title, Ad Image, Description, CTA, Interest, Country etc.
    If you do this manually it will take too long so why not use a site that you simplify your life?

    Don't test too much variables because you risk to spend a fortune before have enough data to make a decision for optmizing. If you have an offer that pay 2$ per lead and you created 40 different ads, splitting test with 2 different country, so 80 ads in total, to get enough data you are gonna spend 5$ each, so 400$! Test 1 variable at once, then continue the process of testing and optimization.

    You got 14 days FREE Trial, then you have to pay the monthly membership.

    Outsource your tasks could be risky, but definetely better. We can't be PROs in everything, we can't know everything so you just have to find what tasks you can complete and what it's better to outsource!
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  2. newbidder
  3. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

  4. Ruann

    Ruann Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Leo,
    Your Detailed Post is much appreciated!:)
  5. Ivana Adnium

    Ivana Adnium Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Great tips :) I'd like to add one more resource to that list and thats Affinity - i haven't used it myself (was going to get it before I got hired by Adnium) but I looked at the demo and it has most of PS capabilities and it's good for the rookie graphic designer OR someone who's really into buliding their own landers/pops/banners etc. I think it's 60$ too which makes it a fraction of the cost of renting Adobe Suite
  6. HighProxies

    HighProxies Affiliate affiliate

    Great post. I think that it is a great reminder on how to remain professional.
  7. laneige01

    laneige01 Affiliate affiliate

  8. Thomas Perry

    Thomas Perry Affiliate affiliate

    A really informative usefull topic, great tips!
  9. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Great guide in deed. I have always struggled just being able to put something that I desire in plan and also carry it out with the professionalism that it requires. I am glad to have come across the guide because I will be applying the knowledge I have learnt here. My intention is to alway have activities that reflect the perfect picture in regards to professionalism. I will urge everyone to embrace this in whatever field you are working in.
  10. Dylan Barns

    Dylan Barns Affiliate affiliate

    Nice tips, thank you a lot for share of such a great guide

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