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Time Spent On Your Site?

I spend around two hours on my forum. I usually do the basic stuff, fixing design mistakes, making new topics and so on.
I guess about two to three hours then an hour of rest. Then I'd come back and spend another two to three hours and rest after. It's a cycle that goes on and on and!
I donot know with what intention somebody asked question that "How much time you spend your time on website". My answer is - It depends, if am a blogger, i spend more time in writing my posts, if am a SEO professional then i will spend more time on high Page rank sites, if am an employee/student then i will spend less time in any page. Personally i spend more time on Google and Blogger and Wordpress. Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are my favourites.
Whatever time it takes to get the job done. My website is my business so I spend the necessary time to be certain that everything is running smoothly.