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The Real Deal

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by milfredo25, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. milfredo25

    milfredo25 Affiliate affiliate

    I have learned so much over the last two weeks. 99% of it is what not to do, or how best to waste money. There is nothing the internet is better for than to produce and promote worthless promises, and then charge for them.
    If someone had the real deal, and you could actually find it, then I guess more people would be successfull MLM'ers. I was on a conference call tonight concerning "The Powerfull System" to market on the internet. I was told that nobody else has the goods, except the guy talking. It almost sounded like most of the other material I have seen by marketers, who 'Have the Magic System' and for just $39.95 or whatever you can be successfull just like the them.
    Am I the only one feeling like this? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that can't seem to get anything going. I have a boatload of members under me in one leg, but I am having so much trouble building my other leg. I can't figure out where the new members are coming from as I am getting little response to everything I am doing.

  2. newbidder
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi milfredo,

    I feel your pain. I felt the same way YEARS ago when I did MLM. That's why I don't do MLM any more. Have you tried affiliate marketing? I mean REAL affiliate marketing, selling good products not just get rich quick ebooks and stuff like you find on Clickbank. I think you may have better luck making money with good affiliate programs rather than MLM.
  4. AffiliateGuild

    AffiliateGuild Affiliate affiliate

    MLM Bad

    Amen to that sista! :D
  5. DomainMagnate

    DomainMagnate Affiliate affiliate

    I started with MLM as well at some point, but had to leave it since all those programs usually closed before the payout and there was no money in it heh :D
  6. frogengine

    frogengine Affiliate affiliate

    I always look at it like this: I want people to like my sites, and even if they leave, they should remember them in a good light. If I represent a program that is shady, I will lose credibility. Represent good programs from reputable companies. Hang with the best, and you will be one of the best :)


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