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The Godaddy LOL thread


Lets talk about how much godaddy fails in here :3

1) They "supposedly" had some malfunction that shut down half of the internet.
You know, I never understood the hate for GoDaddy. Yeah, they try to upsell you at every turn, but I've never had a problem with them. Even with this whole "shut down half of the internet" thing a few months back, it wasn't that much of a disruption. They said their mea culpas and gave me a month free. Class act, if you ask me.
The owner shot an adult elephant that was slated to be culled because elephants in that part of the world trample villages and people when they get too numerous, it's a yearly event. I think Godaddy's biggest mistake was in not letting people have full access to their own htaccess files. It breaks applications and gets people frustrated.