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The Dark Side Of Affiliate Managers! Has Your AM Joined?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by JasonWestwick, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. JasonWestwick

    JasonWestwick Affiliate affiliate

    I made a post previously talking about the benefits of having a solid relationship with your AM and how you can use this to help boost the profitability of your campaigns.

    If you haven’t read it yet you can check it out here


    However, in this post I am going to be discussing the warning signs that your AM isn’t really working to help you. As the saying goes “not all AM’s were created equal” there are certainly times when you might find yourself with an AM whose behaviour and commitment to you and your campaigns is less than satisfactory.

    Here are a few points to take into consideration when establishing whether your AM is supporting you 100%

    • They push you to promote offers which are not in your current niche

    This is something that happens quite a lot, as soon as you start doing some volume some AM’s will immediately see dollar signs and start pushing multiple offers your way to promote without considering where your current income is being generated.

    Now of course AM’s want to make money to do that they need YOU to make money and its great to try new niche and potential traffic sources but if an AM is going to push me to start promoting penny auctions when most of my income is being generated through the dating niche then it kind of turns me off as they clearly are not considering what is working for me.
    • Sharing specific details about someone else’s campaign

    In the past I’ve had conversations with managers discussing potential offers and what traffic sources are proving to be effective when the AM would start talking explicitly about how other affiliates are running campaigns in enough detail where I could go out and recreate them myself. Now I know in theory this may sound great as you might have caught onto a very profitable method of advertising and offer. But if your AM is fast and loose with the details other affiliates campaigns then they could easily be passing around your top tactics. The bottom line is that your need to trust your AM with the privacy of your campaigns.

    • Slow to respond or communicate

    In this fast paced world of affiliate marketing we work in, speed is everything! If an AM takes a couple of days to get back to an email on a consistent basis then I’ll move my business elsewhere as they are simply wasting my time. The lack of communication is also extremely painful if an offer you are running goes down for any reason and you don’t get notified right away as this can mean hundreds of dollars in wasted traffic.
    • Only care when you’re earning big

    Ever feel like flavour of the month and then dumped the next? This can definitely happen when you start doing big numbers. You can get AM’s who are on you constantly when you are racking up commissions and then vanish when you having a quiet period. As affiliates, you want your AM to be there to discuss strategies regardless of the revenue you are bringing in.

    Overall, the cases that I’ve discussed here tend to be few and far between, but as your AM can play a big role in the success of your CPA campaigns its always wise to make certain that your AM has the best interests in you and your campaigns.
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  3. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Guest

    This is a really good solid post!! I totally agree with you!
  4. Samrath Gupta

    Samrath Gupta Affiliate affiliate

    Another Great Post From Industries Top Gun !!

    Great Job Jason! The points you placed here are totally awesome and quite agreeable from publishers side !

  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great post man, and great points! Especially the only care when earning big one - a lot of networks are guilty of this!
  6. scar tissue

    scar tissue Affiliate affiliate

    Most of AMs are lack on the last two reasons, including mine (4 out of 5) and it's pretty damn difficult to get their help and attention when you're still newbie in this field or you're NOT earn big enough for them ! But someone I know on this forum is by far the best and I hope he will stay this way for years to come :)
  7. BozakAxel

    BozakAxel Guest

    Great post! as an AM, i couldn't agree more. Especially on communication. Those first few weeks after you join a network are the proving grounds time. On both sides I think the expectation should be open communication and getting live on something to establish the relationship.
  8. paulwjenkins

    paulwjenkins Affiliate affiliate

    Yes the networks I'm in i work close with the managers this is the best post so far
  9. shee1510

    shee1510 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot nice post!
  10. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Couldn't agree more. Great post bro :)
  11. AdWorkMedia

    AdWorkMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As a network ourselves, we realize how annoying it is when you need the AM of a network and they are never there!
  12. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    Good post :) Never thought of those things that way, but I'll be more alert when speaking to an AM.
  13. adpulse_dan

    adpulse_dan Guest

    Good post!

    I think many overlook the importance of an AM, not only is that person there to manage affiliates, keep them up to date etc, but they are also the "face" of the network.

    An AM is generally the only point of contact that your client base has to your network, everyone else behind the scenes doesnt really have any dialogue, thus if you have a rogue AM, then you network is going to suffer.

    For us, there is always someone online 90% of the time, even weekends. At worst maybe a few hours where no contact is possible, and then I try to be online if no one else can.

    In terms of how we deal with our affiliates, I like us to say "Hi" to everyone every few days just for a chat about the weather or anything. It doesn't matter to us if you earn $10k a day or $10, everyone gets treated the same, after all, those $10k a day guys started somewhere :)
  14. cpanewbie

    cpanewbie Affiliate affiliate

    Great post. Thank you.
  15. Parry

    Parry Affiliate affiliate

    AMs are mere spokes in the big wheel. If you know how to drive the wheel the spokes will run with it ;-).
  16. blackbarbie

    blackbarbie Affiliate affiliate

    excellent post! especially for a new affiliate manager like me.
  17. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Who do you work for?
  18. blackbarbie

    blackbarbie Affiliate affiliate