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The Dangers of SEO Software


While many SEO software tools do eventually get their users running afoul of the SEs,one should not generalise too much. First off as SEO is such a wide and growing subject area, different tools do different things, and I do not know of a single program or service that is all-encompassing. For instance, how would "Goodkeywords" run the user afoul of the search engines?
What the SEs are trying to do is to produce search results that are as representative of "high relevance" as possible. What they seek to penalise are the techniques and practices that get such high ranking for sites that don't deserve them. However, for as long as the process of generating SERPs remains largely automated and therefore objective, people will use the parameters, used by the SEs to produce their rankings, to their own advantage. The problem is not using the software, rather, SE algorithms becoming common knowledge and therefore manipulable. Unless the SEs were willing to go to the expense of hiring human SERP validators, this will be a continuing story penalisisng the innocent along with the guilty.
On the contrary there are SEO software programs that do gain their users traffic they would not otherwise get, SE algorithm changes or not. One such is SEO Elite 3.2 - the reciprocal link exchange management tool. Even if your efforts while using this software are not directly rewarded with immediately improved page rank, you will get significantly more targetted traffic from the reciprocal link exchange strategy it helps you execute. A strategy it is worth noting that will not run afoul of the SEs because it is all about off-page optimization, about which you can read more here:

Linda Buquet


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You make some very valid points but the one thing that you did not touch on is the webmaster themseleves.

Software can be used in the wrong way so matter what way you cut it.

But it can be used VERY effectively if used proeprly.

When you stay within the boundries of SE TOS & AUP's you will never get banned.

SE software that "brands" pages is simply idiotic and I agree with you that is very dangerous.

But software that puts the templates in the hands of the webmaster makes for a unique piece of content every time and simply creating effective pages is what is going to get you higher in the ranks.

Your site will never be banned for having a clever design.

Soorway genrators or Claokers are a one way ticket to BanTown.

But not all software goes the shady route.

my product gets rave reviews and neve ronce has a customer complained about a site being banned or even questioned.

My product is also designed to FORCE the webmaster to create a valid page.

They key to my software is not trying to trick the engines but inf fact give them everything they want.

So I am 50% in agrement with you on this post but the other 50% will rely on the developer themseleves. If they know how to create pages properly (wish I could post my link but Linda would get mad) then they will be in great shape.

I have articles on creating effective pages and when used in conjunction with the software it makes for super targeted traffic which makes sales conversions go through the roof.


Time Proven Things

I have some words to add here.

I think there some time proven strategies that really are not hard, and you don't even need to be a top webmaster. For example, this strategy is simple: run google search, find top partners in your niche, write them a good letter with JV or affiliate partnership and (IF YOU HAVE WHAT TO OFFER THEM, IF YOU HAVE A GOOD PRODUCT/SERVICE THEIR CLIENTS MAY NEED) they will share traffic they have with you. Cause you will give them one more thing to offer to their client database, and they will earn good commissions from it.

I do agree, if you have webmastering activity, this is very useful and this will help you tons of times.

Still, there are things that aren't that smart or tech-wise, but they work.