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The Attack of Antivirus on Pops

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by yyoulives, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey yall,

    So i've been plugging away in the shadows and decided to post another follow along. Happy Blated Canada Day to my fellow Canooks out there and Happy early 4th of July to all Mi Americanos (Independence Day 1 was a Dope ass movie by the way lol but not the sequel... sequels always suck) [​IMG]

    Today is a launch day and everyday I launch brings me another step closer to moving to Latin America and finding a big booty wife [​IMG]

    Let's get to business shall we?

    I'm running two campaigns right now and they go as follows.

    Campaign 1:
    Geo: Vietnam
    Traffic Source: Propeller
    Offer Payout: 50cents
    Number of Landers Being Tested: 7
    Number of Offers Being Tested: 4
    Targeting: Wifi and Carrier traffic
    Bid: $1CPM
    Spent: $16
    Rev: 1.98
    ROI: -88%

    Since this is a low payout offer in a tier 3 geo I feel like I can test a lot more landers at a time without breaking the bank. At this point the -88% ROI deff sucks massive balls (lol); but I do see small pockets of profit based on the lander/offer combo in voluum; +8% ROI isn't much but hey, profit is profit wooooop.

    Dropbox - STM1.png

    Dropbox - STM2.png

    Dropbox - STM 3.png

    Thus far i've black listed 3 placements that have spent 3x offer payout $1.50 or more and each of these zone's has had over 1k impressions. At this stage none of the offers have stood out as winners they've all had one conversion thus far. There really doesn't seem to be any big pattern of profit that I have identified yet.... well I do see one Mobile ISP that has 3 of the 4 conversions but it's not one I can seem to directly target in the traffic source but I can set a rule in voluum to blast all it's traffic to the landers that converted with it.

    This campaign feels like it's going to be one of those one's where you have to claw, punch, kick, bite and headbutt to find any solid data. I don't want this turning into a me having to spend xxx on a 50cent payout offer just to find significant data... or worse, none at all lol. What do you say I should do with this one... continue or test another campaign?

    Campaign 2:Geo: Italy
    Traffic Source: Propeller
    Offer Payout: $10
    Number of Landers Being Tested: 4
    Number of Offers Being Tested: 2
    Targeting: Wifi and Carrier traffic
    Bid: $2CPM
    Spent: $41
    Rev: $10
    ROI: -75%

    Dropbox - ITaly STM4.png

    On this particular campaign I haven't blacklisted or done anything just yet. My highest spending zone is $8 and it has no conversions. I still haven't blaclisted just yet until zones hit 1x-2x payout. With this particular offer one of my AM's told me there isn't much volume and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I want to be able to test with a low budget and be able to generate $100 profit days in the most efficient way possible.... Eventually making 5k a month on Pops is where I would like to get to... for now.

    My question to you is what would be a sufficient spend on these offers? What results would you want to see before you decide wether to continue or scrap them and move on to new campaigns? In the past I was testing tier 1 geos spending $300-400 USD testing, only to end up making $10-20 profit a day. Yes I should have ported those campaigns over but I was super newb lol. Someone show me the liggggght. I need some guidance. The sooner I get to my goal the sooner I can make my move to Latin America and enjoy my times with big booty Latina women. I'll get you one as well if you can help me lol [​IMG]

    I was thinking about porting these campaigns to another network and only targeting carrier traffic to see what happens, but not sure just yet. I'm going to sit and wait for your inputs before I figure out my next plan off attack. CHEERS!
  2. newbidder
  3. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    what cpa network are u using ?
    u can't stop any thing u Didn't spend any this so far
    pin submit offer requires a lot than ppi offers to be tested
  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I can say that as long as you are making some profits, it is the best step to be at. Many at times we will work on networks that do not even return any amount in terms of the revenue. I will therefore, I urge you that you need to focus on how to increase the profits if you are already making any. As long as the campaign has stabilized, you can then decide to move to the next. Avoid spending too much on testing the campaigns. Always look for alternatives.

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