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Ten Steps to Setting up your Affiliate Site.

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by K, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Ten Steps to Setting up your Affiliate Site.

    Follow this step by step guide showing you how you can easily set up a simple, low cost, working affiliate review site and gain thousands of pounds in commission referring people to The Dojo.

    Step One. Keyword Research

    Ok, so we start our affiliate site by heading over to Google’s Keyword tool to do some research. I know some of you may think it’s odd to do this prior to buying a domain but we need to know what domain to buy!

    The key to doing the keyword research first is to find some relevant keywords to target within our domain. Now I know some people may have read recently that EMD (exact match domains) are dead, but this is not true! However we don’t necessarily have to buy an EMD, we just want it to be keyword relevant. What I mean by this is, if we are trying to refer people into The Dojo, there’s not point buying the domain bannasandchips.com

    This strategy is proven, so what we want to do is place as many relevant keywords into the keyword tool as possible.

    Try to pick as many as you can that are directly related to The Dojo, CPAFix, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing etc.

    For example,

    Affiliate Marketing Guide
    CPA Marketing ebook
    Cost Per Action Forum
    Private affiliate Marketing forum
    The Dojo CPAFix
    CPAFix.com The Dojo Review
    What Affiliate guides work
    Whats the best affiliate forum

    and so on.....

    You need to put yourself into the mind of the buyer and think to yourself what they would be searching to find our product.

    So once the Keyword Tool has returned a list of suggestions you need to use the following method to select your main keyword.

    • Sort Keywords from Low competition to High
    • Select Keywords with at least some Global Monthly Searches
    • Copy and Paste each Keyword into Google search
    • Note down the Google search results for each Keyword

    Now what we are looking for is a balance between a Keyword that has a good amount of Global Monthly Searches and not a high amount of results in Google search.

    As a rule of thumb, I try to stick with Keywords returning over 500 GMS and showing less than 100,000,000 results in google, however anything is possible if you put the work in.

    So let’s take the keyword “Affiliate Marketing eBook” for example,


    We can establish that the keyword is highly relative to our product (and affiliate marketing forum and training), and it’s getting a decent amount of searches in relation to relatively low competition on Google search.


    So now we have our main Keyword lets go ahead and purchase a domain.

    Step Two. Domain and Hosting

    Now the reason we did step one first was to source out a decent enough keyword to target of the bat. Although this isn’t going to be our only target, it will be our main one. So go ahead and register a domain and hosting, you can use the coupon code “CPAFixhost” on hostgator for huge discounts.

    The idea is that we make sure our keywords are within our domain, so even if the exact match is taken we can always find something available, and always use a .com.

    For example as we can see AffiliateMarketingEbook.com is taken but the following are available,


    you get the point.

    So head on over to HostGator and enter the coupon "CPAFIXHost", or click this link.


    Enter in your chosen domain name and click > Continue to step 2


    On the next screen enter your details and make sure you uncheck the above boxes otherwise you will be charged for them. When you are happy proceed to checkout by clicking > Create Account. You have now successfully set up your hosting and domain ready to install Wordpress. Simply wait for confirmation via your email address and gather your CPanel login details.

    Step Three. Install WordPress

    Ok so when are hosting and CPanel information is sent to us via email, we need to go ahead and set up a simple WordPress installation.

    Go ahead and login to your email account and locate the email from HostGator. You want to look for the Control Panel Login details.

    Copy and paste your details and login to the CPanel


    Once you have logged in scroll down the icons and locate Fantastico.


    On the next screen locate Wordpress on the left hand side and click > New Installation


    Fill out the correct details according to your site and name and run the install script until it's finished.

    Step Four. Install a Theme

    Ok so Wordpress has some amazing features in the admin control panel and one is where you can easily search and install themes for your blog. Simply login to your Wordpress admin panel via YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-login.php. Once logged in scroll down the side bar and click > Appearance > Themes > Install Themes

    You should now be faced with a panel where you can effortlessly browse free themes via category.


    Search through the themes until your find one that suits your style. Click > Install > Install Now and then on the next screen click > Activate. Now your new theme should be installed when you refresh your homepage.

    Step Five. Install these Plugins

    If you don't already know how to install WordPress plugins then you can learn here.

    For this type of site is important you use the following plugins,

    All in One SEO

    All in One SEO is an amazing little plugin that will assist you in inputing your meta tags and SEO data. All you have to do is the keyword research and then within your Wordpress admin panel you can enter the AIOSP settings page where by it will help you enter each bit ofSEO needed to rank. I highly suggest doing the basic amount for any website and really using it in detail if it's a site thats going to stick.

    Download here

    Pretty Link

    Pretty link isn't essential but it's a great little plugin that had been built on over the last few years. It basically allows affiliates to cloak and redirect their offer links. Not only that but it offers you full tracking and an amazing little tool that will replace any text on your site with a certain keyword, with your offer link. For me it's a must use.

    Download here


    ShareBar will allow you to have a nifty little social bookmarking slider on the side of your review site. This helps a lot these days with SEO and social bookmarking. Make sure you use Google + and Facebook and Twitter.

    Download here.

    Google XML Sitemap Generator

    This is an essential plugin that will set up and configure a site map for your website. It will then ping google and tell them about your sitemap as well as doing daily updates.

    Download here.

    Install the above plugins and then move onto configuring them.

    Step Six. All in One SEO configuration

    The most important step and plugin of all is the All in One SEO plugin, that easily allows us to take full care of our on page SEO.

    Although we have already established are main keyword to target in Step One, we need to refer back to this step and repeat the process for several more keywords.

    Google has changed dramatically over the last few years and there used to be a time where keywords where everything. Now they place more relevance on content and structure. I used to select up to 15 keywords for my site but after many test I feel you should stick to no more than 6-8.

    Repeat step one and come up with a nice list of 6-8 keywords that fit the same profile. I would advice including those related to The Dojo for example,

    CPAFix The Dojo
    The Dojo Review


    Once we have our keywords we need to fill out the All in One SEO tool within are WP admin panel. Let’s go through it step by step.

    Leave all the other options as they are unless you know what you are doing.

    Step Seven. Website Structure

    Now we're all ready to start adding content to our sites. However when it comes to ranking the way your website is formatted and the structure of it plays an important role. The following things are a must to do before you start posting.


    Make sure you have some keyword rich categories.

    This is very important as these can rank just as high as posts can. Google is always looking for relevant content, so instead of just using generic terms for categories use the keywords. For example if I was to have the following categories on my blog,


    I would be ranked much higher if I used some keywords instead,

    Affiliate Marketing Reviews
    Cost Per Action Ebooks
    CPA Marketing Guides


    Tags are hugely important when it comes to google picking up your site so make sure you have tags turned on and even install a nice tag cloud.

    Social Bookmarking

    Make sure you have social bookmarking options across your site. Each post should have the option to share and like on the different social platforms but make sure you play a huge importance to Google+!

    After all Google owns + so why wouldn’t it pay huge relevance? Trust me it does!

    You can find some great social bookmarking plugins here.

    Step Eight. ClickBank Approval

    You need to make sure you are signed up with ClickBank as CPAFix pays you a massive 45% commission on every Dojo Membership you sell.

    You can apply here.

    Once your accepted note down you “hop” or login username.

    Step Nine. Review/Articles

    Now it’s time to start adding some content to your site. Wether it’s in the form of a review, a sales letter, a guide, some advice.

    It doesn’t matter how many posts or how many ways you try to sell/refer your viewers to The Dojo, just always follow this structure to get the most out of your rankings. The more content and posts the better.

    Keyword Research

    Again repeat step one or use the same keywords you have already found in the previous searches. I always tend to target one or two keywords per post. Head on over to Google search and search for the terms you will be targeting for your post. It’s pretty simple but people over think SEO you basically need to give Google what it already shows you, it wants.

    So by searching the keyword you are targeting you will see some repeated words, phrases, etc come up in the searches on the first page.

    Note these down.

    Write your article

    So now you have a few phrases and one or two keywords, write a relatively long and rich in content post or review.

    The key is to cleverly include your keywords and phrases within your text/post. You can repeat them but no more than once or twice.

    Write a nicely formatted and content rich post with all your keywords and phrases in.

    Link your Keywords

    Now you will need to edit your post and link several of the keywords to either your website root URL or your new post, OR if writing multiple posts you can link some keywords to other related posts on your site.

    Use Tags

    Make sure you use tags after your post and enter ALL your keywords and phrases into the tag field. This will help your post rank even higher.

    Share your post

    Goes without saying social bookmarking has become a huge factor in google rankings, so go ahead and share your post on each platform and ask your mates to do the same.

    Always Use your Referral Link

    When you linkback to The Dojo wether it's via a link, banner or image always use you referral link so if the user purchases membership you will get your 45% of the sale. Click here to find out how to get your referral link.

    Step Ten. Off Page SEO

    Now we have our website all up and ready to go, it won't get traffic unless you put in some weekly off page SEO work.

    This of course is the free way to get traffic and referrals but we will be discussing paid traffic within the affiliate forum.

    Take a look at some of the guides and threads below and apply them to your new site.

    [h=1]Getting Autopilot Backlinks With A Niche Directory[/h][h=1]How to use Footprints to find Backlinks and Traffic.[/h][h=1]How To Score Backlinks From Authority Sites With A Few Emails.[/h][h=1]Building Backlinks With Stock Photography Sites[/h][h=1]How To Build BIG Social Profiles For Your Niche SEO Sites.[/h][h=1]A Great Tool For Finding AUTHORITY Sites to Build Backlinks On![/h][h=1]Case Study: Making Money With With SEO & Niche Websites![/h]

    As always use your keywords as anchor text for the backlinks.

    The more articles you write etc the higher you should rank, google likes constant content.

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