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Tell-Tale Signs of an Affiliate

Linda Buquet

JUMP IN - Let's have some FUN!!! :p

<img src="" alt="lazy success"align="left" hspace="10" </a/>I just discovered a new blog called "<a target="_new" href="">The Lazy Way to Success</a>" by Fred Gratzon. He blogged this week about the top signs that prove you are made to be an entrepreneur. Since affiliates ARE entrepreneurs, they have lots in common. Here are a few of the points I got a chuckle from as I read his blog - <strong>swapping the word affiliates in place of entrepreneurs. </strong>

<blockquote><a href=""><strong>Top 10 Signs You're Made to be an AFFILIATE</strong></a>

10. You are unemployable. You can?t hold a job. You don?t want to hold a job. And you react to getting a job the same way a cat reacts when you try to give it a bath.

7. You are always looking for and/or seeing economic opportunity everywhere and in everything. While at a concert, you occupy yourself by estimating the evening?s take and its gross margins instead of listening to the music.

5. You would enthusiastically trade a life-time pass to Disneyland for one ride in the Vomit Comet. <strong>In other words, you would give up a secure, even-keeled, bland existence for a life that whipsaws uncontrollably between exhilaration and terror.</strong></blockquote>
Well I think #5 sums it up for lots of affiliates. If it ain't parasites or non-tracking merchants, it's LMI or something else that makes the life of an affiliate feel like a rollercoaster ride!


Make up a funny tell tale sign that "you were JUST MADE to be an affiliate!"
:eek: :) :p :D


New Member
LOL Great post Linda.....That blog is so true!! My boyfriend fits the "entrepreneurial" type to a T, and lately has been begging me to help him get started in affiliate marketing so that he can make a fortune the 'easy' way :rolleyes:

Linda Buquet

Hi Julia,

You poor thing! Tell him entrepreneurs are such dreamers!

So there's an EASY way to make a fortune in AM?
Why don't you tell us all while you are at it.
Or write an ebook and sell it. :p