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Targeting and demographics

Discussion in 'What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)' started by K, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Targeting and demographics

    A demographic can be defined as a certain characteristic or attribute of a user or a person.

    It relates to a statistic or factor regarding that person such as: age, race, sex, economic status, income level and so on. The demographic can be as broad or as specific as you like. For example, a broad demographic would be “males”, whereas a specific example may be “males who love football”. Demographics are essential in affiliate marketing especially when it comes to paid traffic. Knowing the demographics of your audience will allow you to target only those people whom you know to be interested in your campaign.

    Let’s say, for example, we’re promoting an adult dating campaign, we already know one key demographic and that is “adult”. Promoting this campaign to people under the age of 18 would just be wasting your money, as it’s not going to convert. This is just one broad example. However, the closer you look into demographics and targeting, the more you start to understand affiliate marketing.

    Put simply, targeting demographics allows you to show your campaigns only to those whom you wish.

    Most affiliate marketing traffic platforms allows you to target various demographics, some more than others. Moreover, it depends on what traffic source you’re using, as some will only allow you to target things like keywords and URLs. Both represent the art of targeting. But, it all depends on what you need to target: a demographic, a keyword, a URL, or something else.

    Here are a few popular and common tools you may use when doing demographic and targeting research.

    Spy Tools
    Spy Tools are the best way to spy on what other
    competitors and marketers are doing. By singing up to intelligence softwares you get the ability to filter and search through campaigns that are already running on multiple traffic sources. You can filter by those that have been running for the longest and therefore should be profitable. Spy tools are essential for any affiliate marketer.
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    The best free demographic research tool on the internet. By typing in a URL of your offer or targeted website you can easily view in depth demographics. For example if you wanted to promote a dating offer you can enter the URL and find out the best age range, race, gender and more to target. Visit Quantcast.

    Another great free resource that gives you great data on traffic, search analytics and audiences. You can also compare the traffic from a chosen site against others to see who receives the most. By typing in a URL you can find great demographics and traffic details in order to pick your URL’s or targets. Visit Alexa.

    Google display planner
    Free demographic information from google themselves. The display planner offers amazing information regarding websites traffic. You can also see detailed lists of relative keywords, topics and a great placement tool that suggests other websites you may wish to advertise on or target. Visit Google display planner.

    Google keyword planner
    Google keyword planner has replaced the keyword tool and allows you to search for keyword targets. By placing in a keyword your are given multiple results within the same group. Google also provides accurate search volumes and adword competition analytics. Visit Google keyword planner.

    SEMrush is the number one SEO competition research tool. By entering relevant domains you can see a large list of in depth analytics and demographics. You can quickly see what keywords the site ranks for and it’s search competitors. If you’re starting an SEO campaign or looking for URL targets SEMrush is great.

    These are only some examples of the many demographic and targeting research tools available and what you use is often down to your traffic source. You will find that most if not every paid traffic source will ask you to target something or some sort.

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