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Tap into the scrapbooking market


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Share Results has launched one of its newest merchants: NSA (The National Scrapbooking Association)

The NSA offers an attractive incentive through its affiliate program...for both those directly involved with the scrapbooking community and those in mainstream industries looking to tap into the scrapbooking market. Affiliates can benefit from a very attractive and tailored pay-out structure that ranges from $2.50-$75.00 depending if you refer a consumer, service provider, retailer, manufacturer, or publisher. NSA Members get a higher pay-out than non NSA members.

Become a National Srapbooking affiliate

For More info:

Linda Buquet

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for *sharing* that program with us. Interesting concept - an association with an affiliate program. I'm sure I've seen it before, but it just hit me that more assocs should use affiliate marketing to increase membership.


New Member
Thanks Linda!

We are trying to get more of these wholesome merchants! They have a really cute site too and match up well with our more feminine and *homey* affiliates