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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager - an affiliate program with the highest payouts in the essay niche!
We are happy to introduce - an Affiliate program in the essay niche with payouts up to 70% for new orders and up to 55% for rebills.

Start earning money by converting educational traffic right now and get a source of stable income.

We work on either Revenue share or CPA basis, depending on your experience and status of cooperation with us.
We accept traffic from any geographical location, although most of our traffic comes from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the UAE.
We provide all the necessary tools and promo materials to work effectively and earn substantial income:

  • email templates,
  • order forms,
  • banners,
  • WordPress themes,
  • lists of keywords and stop words, and more.
We treat our affiliate webmasters as our business partners and do not consider them as simply a source of student traffic. Therefore, we provide professional support at any stage of our cooperation.

You can send your requests in the most convenient way:


Telegram: manager_edupartners

Skype: EduPartners

With us, you get outstanding growth opportunities, while we ensure an individual approach to every affiliate. When you and us gain positive experience of mutually fruitful cooperation, we may reconsider working conditions and discuss more favorable terms of our cooperation.

Read more about principles of cooperating with under its affiliate program on our site.

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Do you think it is possible to make money just by spreading a word? With the affiliate program from you can do even more. Join the program and take advantage of the unique opportunity to receive the maximum commission of 55% on rebills.

We offer a wide range of promo materials for effective cooperation:

  • banners
  • email templates
  • WordPress themes
  • Lists of keywords and stop words
  • order forms
  • widgets lists, and more.
If you are a newbie or still hesitating about participating in such kind of projects, you can start working with us running outreach campaign and distributing discount codes for our essay writing services, attracting potential clients to our landing pages.

The affiliate program offered by is a great chance to promote and give a breath of fresh air to your site. We will help to set up and connect your site and provide assistance with design and content writing. You bring customers to our landing pages, while our support team advertising the site orders come from, namely yours.

Read more about principles of cooperating with under its affiliate program on our site.
Lately, the tendency of participating in various affiliate programs has gained the popularity among webmasters, who want to increase their earnings. Thus, if you are an SEO expert with many years of experience behind you and want to try something new, then affiliate marketing is a great field to explore. However, let's talk about what those affiliate programs are and how you can earn with them. Affiliate programs aim at spreading a company’s presence on the market and, thus, increasing sales of its products or services. As a webmaster, you bring traffic to a company’s site, which results in new customers to the company, and receive money for the users you brought. Seems easy – just redirect users to company’s website and get your money. However, there are certain nuances that you need to consider before signing up for participating in an affiliate program.

First, you need to pay attention to the terms of the affiliate program, namely, what exactly are you going to be paid for (pay per click, pay per action, pay per lead, or pay per acquisition). There are numerous affiliate programs, where you can earn by just publishing and showing company’s ads on your website. However, those earnings are not going to be big. If you aim at getting bigger money, you should have a look at the affiliate programs that will pay you for bringing them new clients. Just remember that to be effective in this kind of affiliate marketing, you will need to bring quality traffic that is aimed at specific target audience.

Thus, specifically for the purpose of bringing quality traffic to your affiliate advertiser, you need to keep in mind the theme and target audience of your resource, be it a website, blog, or a group on a social media platform. The thing is that if your resource targets young people and students, affiliate programs targeted at business people interested in buying properties won’t work for you. In the same way, you won’t be able to publish promotional materials that are meant for active youth if your resource is business-oriented.

All in all, affiliate marketing presents attractive opportunities for earning without investments as such. Yet, you should choose those affiliate programs that suit you and target audience of your resource so that you could bring quality traffic and, thus, earn good commissions.

Our affiliate program is open for both experienced affiliates and newbies. Every affiliate who joined our team has our full support and assistance at any stage of cooperation.

You can send your requests in the most convenient way:


Telegram: manager_edupartners

Skype: EduPartners

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Since the interest in affiliate marketing and all kinds of affiliate programs is growing at an incredible rate, first let's take a closer look at what affiliate marketing is and what types of affiliate programs you can consider to earn money.

Affiliate marketing involves cooperation between companies that supply goods or services (advertisers) and owners of information resources (publishers / partner webmasters) who offer or advertise the goods / services of the company to ordinary users. Webmasters can advertise goods and services using a number of tools and get paid depending on the type of affiliate program.

So, what types of affiliate programs exist and how to differentiate between them? In fact, there are several types and they all depend on the methods of remuneration. Thus, the choice of program should be made taking into account your resources and what you can do.

The predominant methods of remuneration in affiliate programs include the following:

  • payment for impressions or views (CPM or CPT) - the publisher (webmaster) receives payment based on the number of impressions / views of the advertiser's product or service. Typically calculated per 1000 user impressions/views.
  • pay per click (PPC) - the publisher (webmaster) receives payment according to the number of clicks of users to the advertiser's website using advertising tools (for example, banners) on your resource.
  • pay per action (CPA) – the publisher (webmaster) receives payment if the user goes to the advertiser's website and performs a certain action (e.g. registers on the site, fills out a form, etc.).
  • pay per sale (PPS) - the publisher (webmaster) receives payment if the user goes to the advertiser's website and makes a purchase of his product or service.
You can also find affiliate programs that offer a hybrid remuneration model based on CPA and Revshare, which is the most effective in terms of attracting traffic and users to the advertiser's website. More so, such model provides the most favorable payment and earnings conditions for publishers (webmasters).

The affiliate program gives webmasters the opportunity to work on the most favorable terms that combine CPA and Revenue Share and allows making good money using your resources (website, blog, channel, social media group, etc.). At the beginning of our cooperation, you can join us on the terms of Revenue Share and then become a webmaster working on even more favorable CPA terms. You can read more detailed information on our website or ask our manager by contacting us via instant messenger, skype, or e-mail.


Telegram: manager_edupartners

Skype: EduPartners

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In our previous post, we talked about different types of affiliate programs in terms of how they pay for generated traffic. At the same time, an equally important aspect in traffic arbitrage is the choice of a niche that you want to work in. This choice depends on many factors, including:

  • Different niches offer different returns and thus income to webmasters.
  • Different niches use different models of work and payment (payment for views, clicks, leads, sales, etc.)
  • The affiliate niche should match the audience of your resource.
Also, since you can promote any goods and services on the Internet, there is yet another nuance that you should consider in order to ensure your earnings in the long term. Certain goods and services can be relevant at a particular point in time, while others can be in demand all the time. Webmasters can make decent money promoting both those categories. However, if you want to play the long game and ensure a stable income in a long-term perspective, then you should pay attention to the niches that offer constantly relevant products and offer programs with high affiliate payouts.

The leading niches in terms of relevance are health (including pharmaceuticals, products for weight loss, rejuvenation, etc.), dating, gambling, finance and microcredits, and education. Yet, these niches are also highly competitive in terms of attracting traffic and customers, which is a stumbling block for many webmasters, especially newbies to arbitrage. However, some niches have sub-niches where webmasters can start earning even with limited resources.

For example, the education niche includes a number of sub-niches: online schools, various courses, individual lessons, assistance with paper and essay writing. All of them can focus either on domestic or foreign markets, and thus traffic. Consequently, the choice of a narrow niche completely depends on the target audience and the ability of the webmaster to promote a particular product or service.

The affiliate program works in the niche of custom essay writing in the foreign market. Thus, the target audience of the services we promote are students from English-speaking countries and universities (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates). Age of the target audience varies from 15 to 40 years old, as even high school students already have difficulty writing all the homework, students aged 18 to 25 order papers due to the large number of assignments, and students 25+ years old already often combine study with work, which prevents them from completing all tasks on time. In addition, this niche becomes more and more relevant over time, as the number of students grows. Based on the above points, we can conclude that the custom writing niche is a piece of pie for webmasters who want to provide a good stable income in the long term. And that is why we offer cooperation within our affiliate program.


Telegram: manager_edupartners

Skype: EduPartners

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Today we will talk about affiliate marketing in the educational vertical, namely in the essay niche where offers its affiliate program for webmasters. In general, the educational vertical encompasses quite a few areas: trainings, courses, master classes, various programs and online schools. However, the essay niche in this vertical remains one of the most growing and profitable for webmasters. So, let's look at the advantages, as well as some of the challenges of working in this niche.

The undeniable advantage of the essay niche is its constant development and growth, which is due to the "liveliness" of the target audience of the niche. It is not difficult to guess that the target audience of the essay writing niche consists of students of different ages. Even when students graduate and no longer need custom writing services, new freshmen come to replace the graduates.

Another significant advantage of the essay niche is its profitability. Affiliate programs offer payments from 30 to 70% of the sum of the order placed by a client. By the way, offers payouts from 50 to 60% for new orders and 45-55% for rebills. Rebills or repeat orders are another favorable point of the essay niche, which allows webmasters to provide themselves with passive income from one client. The fact is that one person who use essay writing services later makes an average of 7-10 orders.

Yet, there are also certain challenges of working in the essay niche. Firstly, the main source of traffic in this niche are social networks, teaser ads, doorways, search engines. Promoting essay writing services requires a creative approach, as moderation in social networks and contextual advertising is difficult to pass in the foreign market, which is the most profitable. Another challenge is due to some seasonality - many offers are active during the study period and are inactive during holidays. At the same time, webmasters can focus on offers that are spread in time and popular during the low season, for example, dissertations, resumes.

Despite the challenges in the essay niche, more and more webmasters choose to work in it because the profitability beats all difficulties that can be easily overcome using creative methods of work. Moreover, affiliate programs offer a lot of tools for effective work. For example, provides its affiliate webmasters with banners, various widgets, analytics, templates, and many other tools.


Telegram: manager_edupartners

Skype: EduPartners

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Last time we discussed types of affiliate programs and how they work. Today, let's look at some of the aspects and so-called rules that you need to take into account when considering participation in CPA affiliate programs.

As a reminder, CPA affiliate programs pay per action. That is, to get the most bang for your buck, you need to make sure you pick the right niche and product. Below, we have compiled a few key rules and standards for beginners to follow.

Rule 1 - advertise and promote only those products/services that fits your chosen niche

By advertising a product that doesn't fit your chosen niche, you won't create a sale. For example, when working in the essay niche, in which offers its affiliate program, it is advisable to promote products and services to students, since promotion aimed at experts in the educational industry will not have a response and be successful.

Rule 2 – consider the reputation of the seller, product or service

Before promoting a product or service, you must first of all pay attention to the reputation of the seller. At first glance, the product may seem very promising, but it might not live up to the expectations. In simple words, before promoting a product or service, you need to make sure that it is relevant and interesting to your audience. It is also worth double-checking if there are any "black" spots on the seller's reputation.

Rule 3 - Buy, test and then promote

This rule is applicable in most niches and affiliate programs. Buy the product before you promote it. When buying, consider it as an investment. After using the product, you can make a review of it or create your own guide for using the product or service, thereby you can interest your audience in buying the product / service you are promoting. If you interest your audience, and they buy a product / service, then you can receive your reward under the terms of the affiliate program.

Rule 4 - Advertise demanded products and services

When choosing a product or service to promote, choose those that will potentially be in demand in the market and among your target audience. This rule is quite often overlooked by newbies in affiliate marketing.

Rule 5 – Take advantage of email outreach

There is an opinion that email outreach campaigns are ineffective, but statistics show the opposite. Email marketing is quite effective in affiliate marketing in any niche and for any product or service. This strategy can be especially useful and profitable for beginners who are not yet fully familiar with all the tools that are available in various affiliate programs. Email marketing is one of the strategies for generating direct affiliate sales. You can use plugins and various other tools to create emails and run outreach campaigns, but before that, you need to set up a mailing service.

Rule 6 - Decide on the niche

In fact, this is the most important rule. The choice of a niche may depend not only on your target audience but also on your desire to earn either momentary small amounts or deferred payments of more impressive sums. If you are focused on small earnings that you can withdraw immediately, then affiliate programs offered by various online stores will suit you. If you are interested in more substantial earnings and are ready to work in the long run, then you should pay attention to the essay niche.

So, what we can conclude is that by adhering to these rules, you can become successful and earn well in affiliate marketing. The affiliate program provides a full range of different tools to help you understand and start making money in the custom writing niche. Also, we provide full support at all stages of cooperation, and you can get comprehensive advice from our specialists and support.


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Today we will continue the topic of what a beginner needs to start earning on traffic arbitrage and participation in affiliate programs. There is an opinion that arbitrage is easy and you can “row with a shovel” without much effort. In fact, this opinion is not entirely correct. At the initial stage, you shouldn’t expect easy money. But, having due diligence and dedication to development, you can still reach the level when the affiliate program will work for you instead you working for the affiliate program. But first things first.

So, in addition to what we discussed in the previous post, namely that you need to decide on a niche, products and services, a supplier of goods / services, check the product / service and supplier in order to succeed in traffic arbitrage, you also need to have at least basic technical and analytical skills, knowledge of marketing and understanding of the target audience, as well as have stress resistance and adaptability.

If you have already studied and understood the types of affiliate programs and on what basis they make payments (CPV, CPC, CPL, CPA, Rev-share), and have chosen a niche for yourself in which you would like to advance in traffic arbitration, then you should pay special attention to your technical skills and resources. For example, if you own a website that you can use to promote a product or service, then most likely you are already familiar with the concepts of hosting and the technical capabilities of your resource. In this case, you only need to get technical tools for promotion and place them on your website. At the same time, you can also expand your opportunities of attracting more customers by making an additional one-page landing page that you can promote both separately and with links from your main site.

If you do not have enough technical skills to generate traffic from your own site, and you do not have enough knowledge how to create landing pages, then it will take a little more perseverance and training. At the same time, you can use the technical base and tools that are provided as part of the affiliate program. Here, however, it is worth considering the fact that not all affiliate programs are interested in training and providing technical support for beginners. And this factor also needs to be considered at the stage of choosing an affiliate program for yourself.

The affiliate program offers cooperation to both experienced webmasters and beginners who want to develop in the field of traffic arbitrage. Our expert technical support will provide all the necessary information, as well as help with all technical issues and answer all questions.


Telegram: manager_edupartners

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Continuing the topic of skills and knowledge necessary for a beginner in traffic arbitrage, today we will talk about knowledge of marketing and understanding the target audience. In most affiliate programs, it is marketing knowledge that is minimized, since they all provide marketing and advertising tools for the webmaster to work with. Many tools, such as banners, email templates, or promotional posts, will already be adapted for a specific holiday season, such as Christmas and New Year. However, all these tools are designed for a specific target audience. Thus, you need to know who the product or service is intended for and whether the audience of your resource is suitable for promoting it.

Let's look at a few examples of affiliate programs in different niches to see what it takes to understand the target audience. For example, affiliate programs in trade niches can be aimed at a fairly wide audience, men and women of different ages, at the same time - products with a wide range of uses. Also, such affiliate programs can focus on a certain segment, for example, sellers of beauty products or fashionable women's clothing will focus their advertising and marketing on solvent women of young and middle age. At the same time, promotional materials for automotive products will be targeted at solvent car owners. So, when choosing an affiliate program for yourself, you need to consider who your site or resource is designed for and your ability to advertise the right product or service that will be interesting and / or useful to your audience.

However, marketing knowledge is not limited to advertising tools and knowledge of the audience. In many niches, there is also a factor of seasonality or the relevance of a product or service. For example, while beauty products for women are relevant at any time of the year, it would be inappropriate to advertise fashionable fur coats in summer. Similarly, with goods and services for car owners - there are goods and services that are relevant at any time of the year, while there are accessories and materials that are needed only in winter (for example, winter windshield washers, winter and summer replacement tires, etc.). But all niches offer special offers that are timed to coincide with some holidays or dates (for example, Black Friday discounts, New Year's deals, Thanksgiving discounts in the US market, etc.).

There are niches that are less subject to seasonality as such and the demand there depends on other factors. For example, the essay niche is fairly independent from season (summer, spring, autumn or winter), because educational institutions work all year round in accordance with their calendar plan. Of course, the demand for student assignments in summer, when most institutions are on vacation, is lower, but it is still there because there are universities that offer study programs during this period as well. Thus, advertising essay writing services is relevant at any time. At the same time, even in this niche, all kinds of promotions and discounts are offered, timed to coincide with various holidays.

The affiliate program offers cooperation in the essay niche. You can reach more customers by having a resource that targets young people who are more likely to be students and therefore the intended target audience. But being new to traffic arbitrage, the timing of holiday specials and discounts such as Christmas and New Year's will be very favorable for you, because many students want to take advantage of special offers before they have a big load with their and such discounts allow them to save their money for celebrating the holiday.


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In the previous post, we talked about the importance of knowledge in marketing and understanding of the target audience in order to promote certain products or services and earn money by redirecting traffic to the websites of suppliers of these goods and services. Since the essence of traffic arbitrage is that by advertising goods or services, you can bring customers and receive remuneration for this. Optimally, when your costs for such promotion and traffic are lower than the bonus you receive for the referred customers. You can redirect 10-20 clients within a few hours or over a longer period of time. And here, tracking the effectiveness of your work in arbitration and various tools for tracking it will become important.

At the beginning of their career, many arbitrageurs kept all records of the effectiveness of their work manually, using a variety of spreadsheets and databases. But over time and due to the development of the traffic arbitrage niche, the successful work of any arbitrage specialist becomes unthinkable without a technical base and the use of various tools, such as trackers for automated traffic tracking, mailing software, spy services for studying competitors’ ads, etc.

One of the fundamental aspects of success in traffic arbitrage is minimizing your campaign costs and generating traffic to the websites of product and/or service providers. In terms of tracking the effectiveness of work and the use of certain advertising tools, a variety of trackers help, which allow you to analyze the effectiveness of a particular tool (for example, compare performance and conversions from two banners), help to separate and redirect traffic based on different parameters, generate reports on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and individual advertising tools.

The offer and variety of such trackers, both paid and free, is very large. The choice of a tracker depends on what niche you work in and volume of the traffic. However, when you participate in affiliate programs, be sure to find out what tools are provided within the affiliate program. For example, the affiliate program provides all the necessary tools and analytics necessary for your comfortable and efficient work. All your indicators are available to you in your personal account while our technical support is always ready to advise on all technical issues regarding the use of these tools.


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Before assessing which tools you will need for work and whether the field of traffic arbitrage is generally prospective for you, let's try to analyze the financial aspects of this work. So, traffic arbitrage is essentially about the acquisition of traffic and its subsequent resale at a higher price. Many novice affiliate marketers think that in order to start driving traffic, you don’t need any special skills, knowledge, or even investments. Some perceive this type of activity as an easy way to earn money with the magic “money” button. In fact, traffic arbitrage requires a lot of skills and some initial investments. Thus, in this post we will talk namely about the initial investments necessary to start arbitration and how quickly they can be returned and grow into a stable source of income.

Of course, traffic arbitrage can be a very profitable business for anyone who is willing to learn its intricacies. But you can’t start without initial investments, because in order to drive traffic to a certain resource, you must first buy it. Many arbitrageurs started with a budget of $50-100, although it is desirable to have additional funds. First of all, it should be taken into account that for effective work, traffic must be driven every day, while you will receive payment for this traffic through affiliate programs once a month (there are programs that provide payment weekly or biweekly).

It is also worth considering that you will need tools to analyze your work and the effectiveness of your actions. Of course, such tools are paid (free versions are far from perfect and you should not rely on their data if your goal is to earn money). Many affiliate programs provide basic tools that will be useful to you. But in this case, these tools will work exactly according to the parameters that are necessary for a particular affiliate program. And one of the important aspects of arbitration is the constant testing of the tools used (banners, mailing lists, etc.) in order to determine their efficiency in attracting traffic.

The affiliate program provides a wide range of tools needed both to attract traffic and to analyze the effectiveness of their use. At the same time, our support team is ready to help beginners in arbitration with all the settings, as well as provide advice on how to effectively work with attracting traffic to partner sites in the essay niche.
I stumbled upon your post about the affiliate program, but I noticed that the thread is a year old. It's possible that the information and availability of the program may have changed since then. If you're still interested in exploring affiliate opportunities in the essay niche, I recommend conducting a fresh search to find up-to-date programs that align with your goals. For assistance with MBA essays, there's a reputable service with dedicated MBA essay writers who can provide expert help. They offer professional assistance in crafting high-quality essays tailored to your needs. Remember to research and verify the credibility and current status of any affiliate program before joining.
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