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Sweepstakes Incent CPA/CPI

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Ayiteyyy, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Ayiteyyy

    Ayiteyyy Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone.

    I am very new to everything, so I'm sorry if the answer is quite obvious or has been mentioned here somewhere.


    I have a decently sized FB page and was wondering: would it be possible to create a giveaway/sweepstakes with one of the requiremets of entry being downloading an app (CPI offer) or something similar (a simple CPA offer)?

    Thanks guys.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    hello buddy, just to make sure i do understand what you are asking exactly, is it that you are trying to know whether you can use your Facebook account to promote some sweepstakes offers? If yes then i can tell you yes, but you should take some few things in consideration, to avoid issues with Facebook, and run your campaign well!
  4. Ayiteyyy

    Ayiteyyy Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your answer.
    My question was mainly about whether affiliate networks would allow this. For example, CPAlead don't allow this, but I am not sure, whether it applies for all networks and therefore whether I should continue searching for one that allows it.