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I'm looking for an affiliate network with lots of survey offers like surveys for fun, winmoolah or winning surveys. Does anyone know of any good sites! Any help or advice is appreciated.


Linda Buquet

Hi Chaser102,

Welcome to 5 Star. I dont work in that space so am not sure.
Be careful though. I think most offers like that would be considered
incentivized offers and the FTC is really cracking down on that type of stuff.
ValueClick and several other networks have either gotten busted or are under scrutiny.

Here's one article about it.

"Indeed, what the FTC seems most concerned with in regards to lead generation services are what Gordon referred to as, "generally deceptive misleading online campaigns that start with 'win a free iPod' [or other promises of free giveaways]… that can sometimes give online lead generation and online marketing a bad name." ValueClick Not Only Company in Lead Gen Scrutiny