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Super Affiliate?


I see that term used a lot, but I haven't heard a good definition of a super affiliate. Is there a monthly income threshold that is generally used to define this status?


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There are a number of different thoughts on what constitutes a super affiliate. Some say it is an affiliate who earns $10,000 or more a month from one particular source. Other dollar amounts are also used.

What it gets down to is a super affiliate is an affiliate who produces a huge number of sales within a short period of time. Often this will be as much as dozens, hundreds or even a thousand or more other affiliates would produce in a month.

People don't seem to be able to agree on exactly what a super affiliate is, but they know one when the see one.


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I probably didn't fully explain my answer, but I also agree with what Linda said.

Keep in mind that there isn't an exact accepted standard. The more general statement I made about a super affiliate being one that produces a huge amount of sales within a short period of time might give a general idea. But the $10,000 a month from all programs is one I've also heard.

When I mentioned one program, I was talking about what some specific programs consider as being a super affiliate for their program. That person often produces more than dozens or hundreds of other affiliates in a month for them and I've seen the $10,000 a month figure used by them in some cases as being a super affiliate for that program. I have also seen smaller amounts being used.

The super affiliate is a very big producer, but there are different ideas as to what specifically a super affiliate is.


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I would have to agree with Larwee as $10k as an appropriate figure.

But, there is another definition that is sometimes used to describe a super affiliate. This person does not have to be making $10K a month per se (even though they probably are). This person could have a well established mailing list, that you go to when you have a product launch.

These people are usually high sought over, and pull in an extra 200-300 sales just by sending out an email promotion. The original merchant would consider this person a super affiliate if they didn't work with them on a regular basis. If everytime this merchant had a product launch or another promotion, they contacted the other person, and have a close business partnership with that person, then that person would most likely be referred to as their JV partner.