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Super Affiliate Status? Why eBooks are NOT the Magic Bullet!

Linda Buquet

How much do super affiliates make these days? The standard used to be $10K a month (I thought) but some say it was 25K a month. Today in his Super Affiliate Blog, Jon says that TRUE super affiliates should only be the top 1% of earners and need to be making 250,000 a month to truly be super. Jon just wrote one of the most hard hitting, yet true (mostly) blog entries Ive read in awhile.

Sometimes I mince words trying too hard to be nice. Especially with all the newbies at my forum - I try to tell them like it is, but cushion it enough that I don't just scare them out of the business before they even begin. One of my biggest industry pet peeves is all the Ebooks and supposed Gurus and self proclaimed "super affiliates" that capitalize on the dreams of n00bs that want to learn the "secret to success."

I hope Jon doesn't mind me quoting such a long excerpt of his blog, but he gives the advice Ive been wanting to give affiliates for a long time. <strong>I always tell them, there is no short cut to success but he hits it alot harder and minces NO words</strong>. Check this!

<blockquote>You cannot LEARN how to be a super affiliate from an ebook or a forum or even a blog. It?s not something you can read in a book or learn from by watching TV or even attending an expensive seminar. It?s something that you can only become by doing a ****load of trial and error, over and over and over again. It?s like comparing this to being a hedge fund manager or some hot shot lawyer. Do you think they learned it from a few sources? Nope! They may have learned some stuff, but the reason they are at the level they are at right now is because it came from this one magical word, with no shortcuts or quick secret routes to, called?. EXPERIENCE. It?s not something you can learn in school, seminars, books, videos, or from friends. You can only gain it by actually trying it, and being successful, but also failing and learning from your mistakes! So why the hell are people still buying these **** artist ebooks? </blockquote>
He then goes on to create what he says is the <a target="_new" href="">new definition of "super affiliate"</a> and tells the <em>faker wanna-be super affiliate guru ebook sellers </em>to grow up, get busy and actually go to work making money instead of flashing big fake checks to try to sell ebooks. There's really a wealth of good info in his post and I wish I had the nerve to write they way he does.

I would not however have bashed Rosalind Gardner & Joel Comm. Jon said he wasn't trying to be a "prick", but you have to admit that was pretty snarky! The whole raw blog was also pretty good link bait. Look how much I wrote about it. ;-) Now go read it and see if you agree.

<a target="_new" href="">Why 1% Is Bigger Than 99% - A Message To Ad Networks & Self-Proclaiming Super Affiliates</a>


I thought his comments were good in the beginning, but the end section came across as a ****ing contest.

Nevertheless, good stuff!



Was wondering if Rosalind Gardner still makes that kind of money that she talked about in her book. (the book stinks, and so too her dating review site, IMHO)


New Member
Honestly not one super affiliate in the market NOT ONE has real guts to comes out and show their strategy. I see many people talking about giving to the society including Jon and Zak but they are giving back nothing.

Their blogs are super filled with tons of post and most of them is what people on the internet are trying to do since the first days of internet.

There is nothing special. No insider tips or tricks. The reason behind this is people think someone will copy their strategy and beat them in their game.

Truth is only 2-3% will really do something most will see and forget.

There are only few people in the world who are really giving back and rest all are just making stories.

Honestly being in the affiliate marketing world for 5 years I am yet to see a real super affiliate who is teaching what really works.

I would suggest all newbie trying to waste money on so called super affiliate course to go back to basics.

Zak makes this kind of money because he owns a website with 10,000 pages. There is nothing great about him or his strategies or this website. I have see the website. Its filled with graphics and downloads. He spent around $100,000 on this site.

His strategy and most other affiliate strategy including Andrew fox, Rosalind, Anik Singal, Ewen Chia is to sell information about what they DON'T DO.

I know there is going to be lot controversy about this post but thats ok.

These guys make most of their money on info products and how to products. The commissions from real affiliate marketing is almost negligible.

NOTE - Please do not spend a dime of affiliate marketing again and just work with basics. Site building, SEO, Article marketing, blogging.

Linda Buquet

"Honestly not one super affiliate in the market NOT ONE has real guts to comes out and show their strategy."

I disagree!

I understand where you are coming from, but let me ask you this.

If you were making 100K a month, would you bother to take time to blog every day,
to try to help YOUR COMPETITORS??? I doubt most people would!

No one is going to tell you exactly what they are doing. Why should they help you for free ESPECIALLY if it's going to cut down their income due to competition???

There are some super affiliate blogs that I think share in detail, as much as possible, how they do it. And they all give it willingly and are not trying to sell some course or ebook they wrote.

Cash Tactics | Ruck's Internet Marketing Blog
Ruck's CPA marketing series he's offering right now is some of the best free advice anywhere on PPC and CPA. I've learned a ton of tricks I didn't know before. He's not holding anything back except the niches and offers he promotes.

CDF Networks - Affiliate Marketing Blog


Jonathan Volk - Ready, Set, Super Affiliate

So my feeling is that what these guys do is AWESOME. It's free, so take advantage of what they give you.

James Spinosa

A very good article but I don't agree with picking on Chow, Gardner, and Comm. They are all very successful in their own right and they can flaunt it however they want to.

I do believe however that the true "super affiliates" are the ones that make massive amounts of money and feel no need to flaunt it like a peacock wherever they go. I'm sure a good number of people that make large sums of money through affiliate marketing are members of this forum. You never know who you will meet.

I actually met Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling through forums for a video game that we both played at the time. As I intend to go into video game design this may work out well since he is starting his own video game company now =)