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Super-Affiliate Mindset - How to GET there!

Linda Buquet

I repeatedly tell affiliates, there is no shortcut to success, you can't buy your way in and all the ebooks in the world won't give you that one precious secret key or magic answer.

So what does it take?<strong>Hard work! Trial and error! And most important of all, the right MINDSET!</strong>

Today in our latest edition of the <a target="_new" href="">A.I.M blog (Affiliate Inspiration & Motivation</a>), Amit Mehta really sums it up nicely when he shares his experience at his Super Affiliate Mindset Blog.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href=""> » Super-Affiliate Mindset & The Tipping Point</a></strong>

"...When that happens, the fog clears from your eyes, and it all comes together. Suddenly you know what keywords to bid on, which markets people are making money in, how to structure your adwords campaigns, etc. You see, those months where I was seeing no results and working my butt off with campaign after campaign, is where most of my real growth occurred.

<strong>The growth wasn’t in my pocket book (I was losing money like a sieve!)
The growth was on the inside.</strong>

Every time I failed... I was selling myself on the fact that I was going to win.

I was determined to do whatever it takes.

<strong>Did I have my days I just wanted to give up..YES! But that what it takes to become a Super-Affiliate. You gotta be willing to pay the full price to develop the emotional fortitude and the skills sets to succeed, and succeed big.</strong>

When it all comes together and you hit the tipping point, you’ll think to yourself, “WOW! That was SOO worth it!” <a target="_new" href="">Read the Rest</a>...</blockquote>
Good stuff! Thanks Amit!


Oh, I feel like a star, Linda! My first forum quote! (I think... LOL) Such a good point. You see so many "how to" articles on affiliate marketing, it's actually interesting to flip the script a bit and focus on what people do wrong. Let's face it. You can also learn by other's mistakes too. :) Lord knows I've made enough of them. LOL


OK, I'm so embarrased. I must've been reading another thread and replied to this one instead. Either that or I'm losing my mind. LOL

Linda, please tell me I saw a thread where you had quoted other posters. Maybe it was the "If I had to start over again..." post. I saw it somewhere on here. It wasn't just me you quoted but there were several excerpts from other members here.

OK, I need to stop staying up late at night and drop the caffeine. I'm exiting quietly now. :eek:

Linda Buquet

No worries at all Lisa. I just felt bad because I thought I was being dense or missed something. I've done what you did before so I understand now.

Too many forums, too many threads, too many windows open and too many ideas in my head. It's a wonder either of us can think straight at all!


Noooooo kidding! Remember that thread you had a while back about "How do you know you're addicted to Internet Marketing" or something like that?

Well my new answer would be...

"You reply to forum posts that don't exist!" LOL


The proper mindset is I believe all contained in this quote:

"There is no success at bargain basement prices! Pay the price and it will be yours"
~ Max Stengart


"What the mind can conceive it can acheieve"
~ Author unknown

I have those 2 quotes written down on a piece of paper every day and read it often.


New Member
How to get there?

Step by step, rock by rock, you feed your mind and get along with successfull internet marketers.

Experience of failure worths a lot in this industry. Strange way to say it, all successfull internet entrepreneurs failed at more than one time. Unfortunately, like the "jungle law", only the strongers are surviving.

I failed too because I have deseperately tried all sort of thing last summer when I started and I'm still here! But the positive side now is that I am able and confortable to give advises to others in this forums (and others too) about what I know and what I have experimented. We've got to get burned a little in this industry to move forward and pave our road to success.

I don't know a lot of successfull internet marketers who didn't fail or try or get burned.

So that's how you get there... That's my personal observation and experience in this internet marketing world so far.

Good luck!


New Member
LOL Linda, you CAN buy your way in, provided you have the capital, but if you have a solid aff product, and a solid business plan you can get the funding to buy "traffic" to an aff product. And buy HUGE amounts of it.
Though I guess even JV'ing is Buying your way in too isnt it?
IDeally it should be your product especially if you're going to do it this way (IMO anyways)
Just my .02$
Cheers and Beers from Canada


New Member
<strong>Hard work! Trial and error! And most important of all, the right MINDSET!</strong>

Trial and error. It is so true.

A lot of people, including me are afraid of that.

I used to think "What if I fail? What if I lost money?" and didn't start my affiliate marketing business. I took a long time to really commit to the business. If I started earlier, I would be more successful today.

I guess sometime you have to learn your lesson the hard way. :eek:


You can learn your biggest and most profitable mistakes by error ... take every mistake as part of the learning curve and eventually you'll find success.